The Power of I AM Joel Osteen- My Book Review

The Power of I Am- Joel Osteen

The Power of I Am- Joel Osteen, Courtesy



This book changed my life, after listening to Joel Osteen speaking to Oprah Winfrey on the Soul Sessions podcast I was determined to read and keep it by my side to keep referring to it.


Yes it is true, what we tell ourselves becomes our story. Change your story, change your power, see what is the I Am in you. Since listening to the podcast, I write a daily I Am _______ and try and follow the theme for the day as much as possible.




“Too many people go around feeling wrong on the inside. They don’t really like who they are. They think, If I were a little taller, if I had a better personality, if my metabolism were a little faster….or If I just looked like her, I would feel good about myself.”- See Yourself as a Masterpiece Chapter 7

This is a great hand book to take you through tough times and bring you back to the reality that only one person in the world can change how you feel and where you go, and that is only YOU.

He uses several Christian scripture references and his personal references for his journey as a pastor and these keep you gripped.

“The Scripture says, “Those who have believed enter into the rest of God.” The way you know you’re really believing is that you have a rest. You’re at peace. You know the answer is on the way. You know the right people and the right opportunities have already been set in your future.”- Trust God’s Timing Chapter 16

This is a must read. Get your copy.

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Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhigg- My Book Review


I have been meaning to publish my book reviews on my blog for a real long time and I found this book the best one to start things off with.

Smarter Faster Better- The Secrets of Being Productive comes from the bestselling author of The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg.

The book contains 8 simple yet powerful subjects on how to get your things done on time, fulfil your purpose and feel the best you can.

He uses various examples and provides insights into well researched papers that discuss things such as Motivation or Absorbing Data.


One of my favourite examples is for the animation FROZEN. You get stuck in life just because you have your own mountain of expectations but it takes you a while to realize that you are own inspiration and you can innovate. When Director Jennifer Lee and Songwriter Kristen Anderson-Lopez were struggling to give the animation an ending, they finally drew from their personal experiences of “letting go” and overcoming FEAR with LOVE.

Without trying how will you know and when you don’t know where you are going then things fall apart. In the Goal Setting Chapter, Charles points out “the reason why we need both stretch goals and SMART goals is that audaciousness, on its own, can be terrifying. Stretch goals, paired with SMART thinking, can help put the impossible within reach.”

So what is your impossible goal? Or what is your drag down activity and you want to let go or start afresh or simply do what you do better?

Try this book, Smarter Faster Better does get you to the path of clearing the way of nothing but your goal, productivity and satisfaction.


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Fake People


Fake people

Fake lives of people

Fake love in the lives of people

Fake people love lives of lie
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where are you going?

why are you going?

who is the one going?

how will you be going?
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I wonder, 

Oh I wonder,

Wonder the wonder,

No way wonder...
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rise to the Big Magic,

the sweet inspiration,

daring honesty,

fine character.
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Theatre Exists Everday


Theatre became famous from Romans, Greeks and of course Englishmen thanks to Mr William Shakespeare. You can get quite an excellent account of the history here on Wikipedia.

Your world is your stage, what you do with it is what makes the difference. You are acting in your own comedy, drama or tragedy. The beauty is that you can write and direct it whichever way you want. You can even control the set, scene and situation.

The beauty about Theatre is that it has a limited time, black background and velvet red-maroon curtains that hold all the suspense. It is a life created between a 40 by 25 feet space and it can do magic.

Explore your world everyday with the thought that theatre exists everyday. Kudos to those who make the magic come alive for us, when we sit on those audience chairs and see the magic unfold, read more about World Theatre Day.

Here are some other useful links, enjoy:

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