Our Meeting Place

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I wonder, I wonder, where will we meet? 

I wonder, I wonder, when we will meet?

Will it be another video call?

Will it be another sticker message?

I wonder, I wonder, when we will really see each other?

I wonder, I wonder, where can we sit and just touch each other?

Will it be another memory?

Will it be another future aspiration?

Where will our meeting place be?

When will it really happen?
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Education vs Business- Where has the Empathy gone?

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The world is facing possibly one of the worst pandemics and never has the entire planet gone through such “lockdown” situations. These are unique times, these are the times of crisis, these are also the times of creativity, innovation and most of all empathy.

While the World Health Organization reported that the elderly are most vulnerable, it has been wise to protect the young school going children and close schools.

As the lockdown forces non-essential businesses to close, movement to cease, there are economic repercussions. Many have lost jobs because of different reasons, from employers shutting down operations, to not trusting that working from home can actually work, so it is better to downsize, go for pay cuts since there is no business, no customers, no cash flow.

Running a business is not everyone’s cup of tea otherwise all would do it. But look at the end consumer and see how they are being traumatized by the unnecessary profit margins you still want to maintain. In the case of education, your end consumer is a 6 year old boy or a 12 year old girl or a 16 year old amazing artist, scientist, mechanic, writer, actor, farmer and so on. What if they are capable of stopping the next pandemic, saving the world and letting humanity persevere? Have you seen Super 30?

Building a school, maintaining it and managing it is no easy fete but surely those who are in the “business” of it can buffer a one-term of no school fees from their consumers? Aren’t you saving on overheads costs? The school is quiet, very quiet and it will become completely silent when they do not show for their roll call.

The fact that the children are already quite tech savvy, do not be surprised if they end up loving online classes so much that they prefer a Khan Academy over your institution. Sure, they will miss personal interaction and teaching guidance, but really what are a couple of highly priced and competitive birthday parties teaching them anyway? To look good, party hard, not face their inner demons of self-esteem or absent parents?

While middle class parents may not afford lavish excursions they are faced with immense peer pressure to keep up with trends and pay the school fees. Give them a break, they are barely keeping the crying bosses happy, let them breathe a little. Yes, them crying bosses, they build businesses, a small percentage employees get them to enjoy huge profits, but their appetite for making more does not quench and soon they are worried and keep chanting “there’s no business, you guys aren’t working hard enough, I have built this for you, I pay your salaries, blah, blah, blah.” Nobody told them to do favours to humanity by creating their business! Then why haven’t you sent ISO procedures, KPIs and other measures to be fair and equal to your employees and your business? Like they say “it’s business don’t take it personally”.

But people are running their homes and building their dreams with the wages you are giving them and when you crush them for your own selfish reasons of profits failing and yet you have built your palatial homes, enjoyed foreign vacations, sent your children to overpriced universities and so on, what are you complaining about? Come down to earth, this pandemic COVID-19 sees no caste, creed or cash flow.

Children need to be surrounded by a safe environment because the long term mental health effects are yet to play out in the future. The last thing they need are worried parents who have to choose between putting a meal on the table or keep paying for their school fees. This current generation of children are more ethical and want to grow up in sustainable and equal opportunities environment. They will not stand your tyranny for too long. Surely you can absorb a one-term time out of spending from the parents? Let them appreciate your empathy and understanding and in the future when you need their help they will surely step forward. Your attitude trickles down to the staff and they will treat their students and back home family members with the same greedy or corporate clout and forget their original duty, to help change lives by teaching, by being role models and the real heroes in the lives of the kids.

Parents this is a great time for you to reconsider your options and instead of sending your children to inflated institutions for the sake of your status, uplift the average school in your area, bring your child to reality and experience it for yourself too, as you have noticed cash flow interruptions can happen and maybe you need to learn your financial planning too. Please take time and watch this great film to help you understand the huge inequality that prevails in the education system around the world in the name of business:



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One Phone Call

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I called, I called and I called,

You didn't answer, you saw the call, 

I know you did,

Pick up, please it's just one phone call.

You called, you called and you called,

I didn't answer, I saw the call,

I know I did,

I didn't want to answer your one phone call.

Is it too early?

Is it too late?

Who knows,

It is just one phone call.

Will it matter?

Maybe not,

Then why is it so important?

It is just one phone call.

Who knows, it is the last time we talk to each other,

Who knows, it is the beginning of our many times to talk to each other,

We can only know if we answer,

It is just one phone call.
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Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart

Try sitting quietly and eventually you will be able to hear your heartbeat. Sometimes it is fast, ok maybe mostly it is fast because you are anxious, excited, angry or in a hurry. But what if it slowed down to a steady and happy rhythm?

That is what Atma Kriya is about. Welcome to a wonderful mediation and reflective technique that makes you go deep into your heart, and uncover layers of whatever it may be for you and let it beat. Beat, so that it can give you joy, beat, so that it can give you energy and beat, so that it can give you a sense of peace.

“Atma Kriya Yoga helps you realise a personal relationship with the Divine by bringing the awareness of the soul into everything you do.” (Read More)

This advanced technique to reach your inner divine love, has been crafted by “Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda is an enlightened, God-realised Master. His mission on Earth is to ‘open the hearts of man’. He is here to help us experience and expand our own unique relationship with God.” (Read More)

The organization is known as Bhakti Marga: “Bhakti Marga is a path of devotion – a journey from the mind to the heart where we encounter true Love and our Divine Self. ” (Read More)

It was a reflective two days of Kriya that opened my mind to ask difficult questions, my heart to accept tough answers and at the most keep love above all.


For more information on the next Atma Kriya with Bhakti Marga Kenya, follow their Facebook page.

Make it your 2020 transformation resolution. All the best.

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Who are You?

photo of person holding multicolored heart decor

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Let me describe you,

Black or brown,

Any will do,

Blue, black or brown,

I have no say or do,

You are what God made you,

Black long hair,

Tucked respectively, but,

Followed by mischievous black wine eyes,

A cheeky viscous smile,

A strong neck but a stoop,

To a thin belt,

And along prier of,

A gentle heart in the center,

An active mind, boggling brain,

Fidgedity long fingers,

Spidery legs to move with, 

All in all,

It's a crazy composition,

Intriguing physique,

Heart warming, ironical stability.

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Hindu Gods – Who are they?

depth of field photo of diety god statuette

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There are so many Hindu Gods, why?

I am in conversation with Vaishali Shah.

Hindu Sanskruti with Vaishali Shah presents the concepts, traditions and knowledge that are the pillars of Hindu Culture, heritage and society.

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Hindu Sanskruti- What it Means?

man wearing orange headdress

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Hinduism is a fascinating religion and it was my pleasure to speak to Vaishali Shah on her knowledge of the religion, culture and its traditions.

Here’s the first episode.

Hindu Sanskruti with Vaishali Shah presents the concepts, traditions and knowledge that are the pillars of Hindu Culture, heritage and society.

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