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The Search for the Egg is On, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 31st March 2017

The Search for the Egg is On

Easter 2016

Every year comes a time, where there is a full weekend of joy, eating out, good times and a treasure hunt for Easter Eggs. In fact there is a city in Texas, which will conduct their biggest search ever of over 20,000 Easter eggs. Well, what does all this Treasure hunting and Easter has to do with each other? The giving of an Easter egg symbolizes the celebration of new life and that since Jesus Christ rose from the dead after dying on the cross, it shows that there can be a miracle of life over death. The cracking of the egg is like the tomb opening.

But in these harsh economic, water shortage, drought and famine times how shall we best spend this Easter weekend? In general, what do these festivities do for us? Yes they are an integral part of our cultural and religious life but somehow with this materialistic world, values are getting distorted. On one hand, you are buying a brand new outfit to celebrate and on the other side there is a refugee suffering. Are we meant to take on the moralistic cap and be conscious about what is happening to humanity and the planet? Who will draw the line? The suppliers selling Easter eggs, the shopping malls with offers or the simple man celebrating Easter for its significance?

Festivities have their benefits. They bring the family together, friends make more memories, weddings and maybe funerals happen. They remain important to each and everyone, from the worker who needs time off to that one who wants to work overtime and catch up a pending bill. Fortunately while there is doom and gloom there is merry and shine from a few in the world. Just like in business the 80 – 20 rule, the reverse needs to happen, 80% doing the good. You have a choice to be who you want and where, now that everything is at the tip of your fingers. You can learn about a festival, your religion, cultural rituals, the pros and cons and make up your mind about what it matters to you. That is especially if you are not caught up in a rat race to please others or have not been fortunate enough to come to self-realization that all good things come in small packages.

Make the festival about the saving a life, giving a life, sharing a life. Go and donate your blood, plant a tree or spend time with strangers you never thought you would. The joy of being with such a task are unbelievable. Unfortunately they are the hardest to do because you are either alone in this vision or you give up soon and since majority are partying it out you fail to see the profits of your investment in kindness. Have you noticed that while the world is becoming more conscious of how humanity is suffering and that we need religious tolerance and that we exist in multi-cultural communities, the need to be isolated and powerful is growing exponentially?

Suddenly our borders are more important and walls are necessary to protect National interests and this virus is spreading across oceans. At the core of all this apart from power and national pride is the commercial success of the country itself. Whatever happened to making the ladoos at home with the full family? The westernized families find these a waste of time and against their “religious practices”, while the remaining eastern families are looked down upon that “oh they can’t afford it”. What a complexful crap way of living. If you had a ladoo company, do you really think your relatives would honestly support your business?

Just forget it and look at the big picture. Make the festivities count and spread kindness. Do not wrap up shiny objects and with fake smiles keep up public appearances. Do the fun and feasts but mean it for the well not for the weall-thy.

Choose your meaning of the festivity for the well-being of all and not the shopping mall.


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