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Who’s Got The Last Say? Point Blank with Asian Weekly 18th August, 2017

Who’s Got The Last Say?

Baby Courtesy GeeksLP

Baby Courtesy GeeksLP

Today’s babies are growing up surrounded by iPads, smart phones and the YouTube network. Let’s go back to the Millennials who were born from 70s to 90s and are probably your parents. They grew up in the Cold War that probably did not affect us in Kenya that much except the regime of former President Daniel Arap Moi. Kenyans were living in their bubble of extended families, gatherings, small businesses and peace and harmony. This was also the time some of these ventured out of the country for travel/holiday/settlement/education or business purposes. Though some succeeded a few stayed back and while they did not opt to get employment in the service industries they created their own businesses which for those who have lasted long enough, have become empires. The empires were laid down by strong foundations of the baby boomers born after the Second World War who really worked hard and honestly and left a legacy for their generations to come.

You must recognize the difference; the millennials while being born from 70s to 90s were slightly conservative because at the same time there was the Generation X being born from 60s to 80s that defined the next generation Z. This generation Z is considered to be born after the 2000s and the dotcom era and those born after 2010 are being called Generation Alphas. Age is just but a number what is however interesting and possibly of concern depending on whose side you are the social trends taking place over these years and generations.

Your mum and dad never spoke up to their parents and listened and followed society norms, they probably did not know any better or there was thorough respect for their elders. After that this very mum and dad decided to give their kids slightly more freedom and fulfilment in choice of career and education especially. By then it was becoming obvious that status and good income were necessary. Some of the kids here eventually became robots and while they may not have excellent public relations they have fat bank accounts. This mum and dad had arranged marriages and till death do us part vows that for very obvious reasons have lasted their marriages. The divorce rate is negligible and love happened along the way. They also knew the value of family, friends and even though material things were still slightly hard to get, they valued every little piece of furniture or clothing item.

Then come their children who have grown up knowing simple things, for example playing outdoors, cousins birthday parties, tending to grandparents, working hard and being as good people as possible. A few have gone on to become successful in their careers or kick start in the service industry of finance, medicine or law. A few have gone on to settle down in relatively wonderful arranged marriages and are bringing up their kids fairly well. Finally, thankfully only a few have had massive failures and turned to the other side of life, the danger of drugs or poor social habits. Naturally they wanted to give their kids further freedom and to make choices as they please.

The big flop is coming now. Children born after 2000 have gone down the alley of poor social habits mostly and less focus. They need more parenting and extra vigilance on issues regarding depression, suicide, pedophilia and they remain vulnerable. They have become the victims of a very open society and the race to become western, stylish and upper class. This race has cost money, time and even lives. They will most likely not even be able to handle their civic duties of building a society and a nation. They will have the broken marriages and lack of purpose in life. Only a very few will see light at the end of the tunnel, because of strong family links, foundations and support from good minded friends too.

The Generation Alphas are an interesting bunch. They have all the gadgets, they have no idea what a trunk call means, or owning only one car and not having instant coffee. They cannot do without their digital weapons because as much as they are devices a few are converting them into anti-social activities. While some parents are over working to meet the little kids demand, there are those who are getting them quite easily because of old wealth and quite frankly taking it too easy. Their kids are being looked after by iPads and robots will not surprise them. There is not much human reality in their lives, except again for those families who have kept their grandparents close and extended family members and friends involved. It does take a village to carve out a relatively balanced human being. The last word will belong to the generation that outlives all.


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The Blue Whale Challenge That Killed Kids, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 26th May 2017

Child Playing Video Game Courtesy Digital Spy UK

Child Playing Video Game Courtesy Digital Spy UK

A long time ago, actually a very long time ago, children played with so many games that did not include looking like zombies in front of a screen. From marbles, cricket, hop scotch, hide & seek and so many others, children ran, fell, smiled, cried, won, lost and explored new places literally physically. According to Research Company based in the US, The NPD Group, 91% of the American children aged 2017 played video games, up 13% from 2009. 85% or more of these video games contain some form of violence and while Pokémon Go looks nicer, it puts the player in a battle position.

Luckily some good news is that gaming with sports toys for kids between 2-5 has also seen a significant rise.

According to the American Psychological Association policy statement of 2015, it notes that the media has often cited the playing of violent video games as s potential contributor to acts of mass homicide. This can be seen as early as in 1999, to the most recent Sandy Hook school massacre in 2012. Unfortunately while children are playing these games, recently a young man behind the Blue Whale Challenge has pleaded guilty to creating the disgusting suicidal game. Philipp Budeikin is 21 years old and was arrested in St Petersburg for the game that has killed over 100 teenagers in Russia. This game also claimed the life of young 16-year-old Jamie Njenga in Limuru. The altar boy did not what waited for him at the end of the 50-day challenge with this game.

This sick game was designed whereby each day the player receives daily tasks and they have 50 days to complete them. On the 50th day the manipulators have you in their grasp and then instruct the child to commit suicide. Each task may involve self-harm, waking up at unusual hours, watching horror movies and do scary extreme other things. The important thing to appreciate unfortunately in this tragic situation is that, it has brought out the topic of child self-harm, depression and suicide around the world in a splash. Children at home, school and anywhere and everywhere are talking about it, asking questions and parents, caregivers and teachers are also participating in this mega serious discussion. How come, with all the Angry Birds or Peppa Pig, why are kids still in such a scary space?

This is their big cry for help. They need to be listened, helped and proven that this is a happy world and that there are good people. According to statistics by the National Voices for Equality, Education and Enlightenment in the US:

  • Every 7 minutes a child is bullied. Adult intervention- 4%, Peer intervention- 11% and no intervention is 85%
  • Bullied students tend to grow up more socially anxious, with less self-esteem and require more mental health services throughout life
  • 1 million children were harassed, threatened or subjected to other forms of cyber bullying on Facebook in 2016.
  • Suicide remains among the leading causes of death of children under 14 and in most cases, they do it by hanging.
  • When teens see others being mean or cruel on social networks, frequently 55% see other people just ignoring what is going on, 27% see others defending the victim, 20% see others telling the offender to stop, and 19% see others join in on the harassment.

Thus, this is a collective effort. Children need our help, from parents, grand parents, cousins, teachers, community leaders and almost anyone. They are the most vulnerable in the society. Also it is a bigger wake up call for the bullies. What is motivating them? Believe it or not some actually do it for entertainment purposes or because they are bored. Humanity is in a big fix, maybe only a mega intervention either divine or Armageddon will put us on a fresh start.

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