Darling, Let’s Talk – Couples Therapy Part 1

He has stopped answering your calls, he does not come home on time and he has stopped giving you money.

She has stopped asking you about your feelings, she does not want to know your parents and she does not want to have a child.

It is time to talk.

The month of June is considered as the Men’s Mental Health Month, so I will focus on the male here.

Couples Therapy is an excellent way to share feelings, thoughts and emotions that each individual is holding back in a safe, objective and productive environment.

Take a look at the episode of Modern Love with Sarah and Dennis. Sarah did not get involved with Dennis’s acting life and there is a mid-life crisis that comes into their marriage. I will let you watch the episode to see how it unfolds.

Dear Man, what will you do if your lady was best buddies with you before marriage, changes into the Mama of your children and is just so busy that she can’t show up for date nights or interested in your work? Then one day she catches you cheating?

Who is to blame and where do we start?

Ladies, here’s the thing, since I am supporting Men’s Mental Health Month, I will tell you this much, take some time and go out with your man, as if it was the first time.

Renew, rekindle and revive your love if you need to.

Appreciate, adore and admire him like crazy if you have still not.

They need loving, listening and leading too.

Then we will get to the therapy couch and bounce off what is the pros and cons for Couples Therapy.

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