I Salute You

I salute the silent worker, who no matter what meets the deadline and doesn’t mind even if they don’t get the credit once in a while, it is for the greater good of the team.

I salute the silent boss, who gives you a nudge of encouragement in the way of an uplifting email, or knows you didn’t mean to be late again, it is a hard world we’re living in, we can’t all be robots.

I salute the silent relative, who calls you, sends you love, a bouquet of roses, some pocket change or just says honestly they are there for you, because you know you will do the same.

I salute the silent friend, who checks on you from time to time and never feels bad you didn’t look for them, because they know you need them more than they need you.

I salute the silent parent, who is working day and night to make ends meet and keep you safe and warm, even though they are hungry or have empty pockets.

I salute the silent sibling, who shows up with a surprise package full of ears to listen, eyes to see, hands to hold and a helping pocket, sometimes we can’t ask for help, it is just too much, yet we need it.

I salute the silent lover, who thinks about you all the time but maybe reaches out just sometimes, they know the pain of separation, of loss, of being yourself, even we can’t understand ourselves.

I salute the silent planet, who is sniffing for help, but is so patient, that one day we will finally learn to take notice, accept our destruction and our greed and really want to be kind, kind to her, kind to ourselves and each other.

I salute you…

Image by KM NEHA from Pixabay 


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