When Abuse Goes Too Far

A slap on the cheek is not as painful as the scars of the heart, soul and mind. There is the physical abuse and this spans deeply from eating disorders, domestic violence and sexual violations. There is the psychological abuse and this includes simple worries to mind games, guilt trips and soul tanks.

Then there is abuse that goes too far.

Usually one is the attacker and the other is a victim. The attacker comes in different forms, shapes, sizes, but the motive is very personal to him or her. They end their trauma after completing the act until they find their next prey. The hunter remember sometimes was the hunted.

Things go too far, when the victim, attacker, abuser, hunter, hunted are all the same. Why?

This pandemic has awakened sleeping lies, pain, traumas and even truths that we had thought we had run away or buried or even forgotten. Unsolved trauma, regrets, things not said, felt, people met, goals achieved, unfulfilled desires, failures, debts, disappointments and so the list goes on, can take over the cells in your body and manifest suddenly. Yes no wake up calls, it can even mean the end of your life.

We get signals, but we choose to ignore or are so wrapped up in the post trauma or are being mollycollied by selfish loved ones or over protective friends and if our spirituality is weak, it will not take long for our electric fences to receive the final shock.

Do not let the abuse you are doing to yourself silently, yes, I know it is very quiet and only you and he or she are aware of what you are doing, take over your very existence. People will come and go, relatives will watch, friends will sail through, your loved one may hang around, but in the end it is only you, you, you. If you have not established faith in yourself, even your spirituality may not find the bridge to catch up to the Almighty and surrender to his will. Easier said than done.

Talk, share, scream and shout. It will be noise for another party, but just maybe somebody else will listen and listen with compassion, without judgement and be present. Seek professional counselling, there is no shame in opening up to a stranger. Easier said than done. Better to share with him or her than hold it inside and let the abuser in you activate your mind, body and soul against you. Seek worship and be open minded, the effort will ultimately be on you. Get Your Power. There’s help, real help, reach out, you will get it. The Universe is listening to your every thought.

Much love…

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