The Cost of Love- a Valentine’s Day Hangover

A bunch of red roses costed you say about $5.00 but how much did it cost you to listen to your Mum, Dad, Wife, Husband, Child or a Loved One? More or less than 5 Minutes?

Life has become so sad, that we have to equate roses with poses. One photo on Instagram takes a few seconds and maybe a few more seconds on putting a filter or more, if you are really conscious or artistic.

The real nature while starting from red roses, pink flowers and yellow orchids, is more about hugs, kisses, tears, holding hands, standing by, smiling, tickling, talking, shouting, screaming, expressing love, joy, sadness, happiness and the list is endless.

Surely, the pandemic has taught us this much, that we need each other to stay stronger emotionally so that even if we say goodbye, it was a meaningful one, not those halfway across the room ones that are for the sake of it. Yes we need vaccines, but we need more powerful potents to keep us away from toxic thinking, dialogue, shadowy evil tricks, dirty hearts and greedy minds. Unfortunately you can’t run away from these because they are right next to you.

But if anything nature has taught us, it is that, if you nurture it, it can take care of you too.

The cost of Valentine’s Day is heavier for those who show, pretend and live up to worldly expectations. Each day is a Valentine’s Day, cherish it, love one another, let them know, love yourself, give yourself the limitless possibilities, set your expectations for you and your loved ones, work hard on them every single day and every single day they come to fruit, it is just as good as Valentine’s Day.

Love, love, love, this is the only mantra that will protect you from the negativity around you or even inside of you. Add a pinch of tolerance, some understanding a whole lot of compassion, the spirit world will smile back at you and see how your soul manifests inside out the beauty of nature.

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