The Magic of Movies, Point Blank with Asian Weekly, 10th November, 2017

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A long time ago a cinema was one that was an open-air ground with magic lanterns. The first film is Sortie de l’usine Lumière de Lyon and it was made in 1894 by the French Lumière brothers’ (Louis and Auguste Lumière). This was the beginning of the silent film era. The first film to have sound was The Jazz Singer released in 1927 and since then Hollywood has never looked back.

Bollywood started their movie making in 1913 with the film Raja Harishchandra by Dadsaheb Phalke.




When it comes to TV, the word “Television” was coined by Constantin Perskyi in 1900 and today TV remains the go to place for debates more than news and series. The world of digital media has changed the whole viewership concept. Once upon a time one black and white television was sufficient, then came colour, football and Ramayan. Then came a television in every room. Now it has all come down to a small screen in front of you anywhere you are, on a train, in the bathroom or on your bed.

A theatre or cinema is still prominent especially for opening nights. Over 75% of your movie ticket goes back to the Movie studio in Hollywood for their production and a big opening night is a major profit night for them.

Due to inflation the cost of movies has risen exponentially and especially so also because of the new digital effects and mega marketing budgets. Star power still draws the highest part of the business because of remuneration.

The man who created cinematic magic as far as big is beautiful is concerned is director Steven Spielberg. Ever since his JAWS movie and then E.T. the audience wanted more. They wanted to get closer to danger, to fly in the air and see new places. He can be indirectly called the father of 3D cinema which then achieved a new level with the James Cameron AVATAR. These visual effects can not be enjoyed on your iPad or laptop.

The Indian TV and Film industry provides for over 2 million jobs and while it earns the country about $10 billion it also takes a hit of 10% of that every year to piracy. 80% of Tamil films are downloaded so the rush to capture the digital market and secure the accessibility is important to India. Currently India is the 2nd largest online market and has over 400 million users. Bollywood actors have been going to the small screen to earn bigger bucks and fame. Well now they are considering web series and films to do the same. They want to keep up their star ratings and also experiment in this digital space of cinema.

An average person is still not able to buy a relatively large TV and surround sound and have the space in their house to convert into a mini-cinema. A die hard movie fan will remain a cinema goer no matter what. So while the everyday person catches their favourite TV show or movie on internet platforms like Netflix, they will still be a part of the piracy consumers because these platforms may still eat into their monthly budget which is used for school fees or otherwise. Piracy is the menace the cinema business can never get rid of. What they can do is to continue embracing the digital trend but still making the cinema going experience as interesting as possible. For example, imagine one day showing up for your favourite Marvel movie and Batman serves you popcorn. The infrastructure of a cinema should never be compromised and those who want to pay value for the ticket will do so.

Piracy costs jobs and lives but legitimate platforms like Netflix create jobs and awards. The digital space will not stop the cinema experience or kill the TV series fun. It is up to cinemas to be innovative like they have been, for example IMAX to give the audience unbeatable experiences.

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