The Best Job Ever, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 21st April 2017

24 Apr

The Best Job Ever

Dream Job

Imagine you are fresh out of school and all geared up for either an internship or perhaps you are lucky enough to get your first job interview.

Ah, them days! They have been full of disappointments or maybe some got lucky and were instantly hired.

Before we take a look at the job interviews, let’s take a look at how the world has changed.

Once upon a time, referrals got you your first job and in few instances the qualifications added to the possibilities. More than likely that became your job for life and you retired with it. According to a major publication, the worst jobs of 2016 include Military Personnel, Retail Salespersons amongst others. Some of the toughest jobs to fill in include Marketing Manager, Electrical Engineer amongst others. Best jobs include Human Resources Manager, Tax Manager amongst others.

The future needs a whole lot of medical practitioners including Nurses, Massage Therapists, Dental Hygienist and many more. It is as if the world is going to be one sick world and people are going to need a lot of medical treatment if not healing.

Back to our job interviews though, and it has been proven scientifically that for one, you can not predict job performance by doing a job interview. You must be thinking is that not obvious? Well sometimes some candidates bring on shining credentials and they hardly live up to them and vice versa. A street smart person may prove to be a better sales person than somebody who has earned a Masters in Marketing. Or maybe the Masters in Marketing may prove to be a better General Manager than a more experienced one. The tables can turn depending on the industry, type of job and especially the owners.

When the employees are “robots” then two people usually define the fate of the company, that is the Procurement Manager and the Chief Financial Officer. Unfortunately most establishments who have this set up are either family owned and even when hiring and firing, very little emphasis is given on an incoming or outgoing interview. Thus, just no point in making a case here.

But sometimes you may be lucky enough to get a boutique business that is really trying to make a difference and be the new spoke in the wheel. These game changers and visionaries do take their job interviews very seriously. Job interviews are necessary no doubt. They make the formal step to introduction, presentation and possibilities. Thus, the interviewee gets the opportunity to present why they are the best for the job and the interviewer gets the chance to assess him or her better and open the channel for communication. There, that’s it, communication- the key to any success or failure. One right message goes a long way and one very wrong message ends it all.

According to the Michigan State University’s School of Business, a written test is four times more accurate than an interview. Thus, the first step to a successful interview is to set it up well with goals in mind. Imagine you are hiring a sales person for your team, when the applications are coming in, why don’t you ask them to send you a mock power point presentation upon a client? That way you get to see their writing and strategy skills, then the best ones get the chance to make the presentation in person but make sure you have the other candidates inside the same conference room too. Sales people like to feel the competition and those who can handle it are the ones you should hire.

How about for the interviewee? You must understand the most important thing that your first job may not be the ideal one, but it is a great start, it is up to you to make the most of it. Just like in school they do not teach us how to cope with life, you need to learn your job skills on the job unless depending on your type of profession otherwise. You must also realize that while dream jobs help you achieve your dreams, does it pay for your daily life? Yes, the remuneration you take home is extremely important and while you may not get your ideal place to work at, there is always a start somewhere.

Time is very important and thanks to the Internet the knowledge is at your disposal, make the smart choice of getting the Best Job Ever.


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