Is New Year the Only New Beginning? Point Blank with Asian Weekly, 30th December 2016

27 Jan
Is New Year the Only New Beginning? Point Blank with Asian Weekly, 30th December 2016

Is New Year the Only New Beginning?

Once upon a time, to start the computer you had to press the keys CTRL ALT DEL. They set off the machine on fire and lo behold began your world of digital work. Who knew then that today we only had to talk to our phone or laptop and things happen automatically.

Life is unpredictable and so are New Years.

Look back at your New Years and ask yourself honestly what did you promise yourself and what did you actually achieve? It is an excellent time to take stock of your life and the ups and downs but this can happen at any other time of your life. Some get a sudden shock either through a death in the family or bankruptcy or personal awakening. Some really do sit down and think about what is wrong and not right in their everyday life enough to make the change.

Most resolutions made on New Year do not see their full achievement. Here are the most famous failed New Year resolutions:

I want to loose weight

I want to buy a house

I want to buy a car

I want to save more

I want to travel more

The list goes on. But how about if you said:

I want to eat less sugar

I want to read up more on mortgages

I want to learn more about public transport

I want to eat out less

I want to visit the tourist destinations within my county

These are realistic and you will have started off the New Year with some promise to actually achieve these.

Again life is unpredictable so do not wait for the New Year to be counted as your year. Here is an idea, what if your birthday became your New Year and you set your goals and milestones according to your age? Wouldn’t that be fun?

Anyway society dictates your marriage date and babies timings so how about you cut yourself some slack and tried something new.

Imagine that by the time you are 16 you know what you want to become in life, when you are 21 you are ready professionally, when you are 30 you have earned enough and when you are 40 you have a solid foundation to begin the real work- living for others. Unfortunately we spend the first 40 years of our lives living for others that when it comes to the usual 40 we are too late and when we reach 60 time is too late to forgive, forget and figure what life really is.

Unfortunately nobody tells us this on time and sometimes the brainwash education we have does not allow creativity and spirituality to rise above and let us “create” life and not just exist. Be there for today, leave the past behind, don’t let tomorrow worry you down, let it be an inspiration.

Let a New Year come when you want it, when you want to change, when you want to build, create, innovate and do so much more. Do not let 31st December dictate your time, your time is your time, be in control.

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