Do Not Ignore This Trump Mania, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 27th January 2017

27 Jan
Do Not Ignore This Trump Mania, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 27th January 2017

Do Not Ignore This Trump Mania

On January 20th 2017 the world was faced with the unthinkable, yes it happened the 45th President of the United States of America was sworn in, none other than Mr Donald J Trump.

When he campaigned and ousted his rivals in the party, still no one believed what was happening until the final hours, the final counting, the final vote.

Yes “the vote” decided and a little bit of the electorate system, crowned him King of the not so most powerful nation in the world. What does this mean? Your vote counts whether you like it or note. And he has not wasted a moment getting into the seat that his voters gave him and immediately signed an executive order. What does this mean? The person you put into power, can do anything, yes anything.

Kenya is at an interesting time this year.

In our previous 2013 General Elections, we were new to the concept of Devolution, but let the devil not fool you anymore.

The National Assembly has 337 members of which 47 seats are reserved for women and then there are 67 members of the Senate.

There are 47 counties with 290 constituencies. This means 47 Governors and by the time you get a count of the MCAs, it is a very long list because there are 2222 Members of County Assemblies (MCAs) in Kenya. 1450 are elected, and 772 nominated.

A candidate requires the following eligibility to contest:

– qualified voters

– age: 18 years

– Kenyan citizenship

– persons registered as voters

– persons who have a post-secondary school qualification

– persons who satisfy moral and ethical requirements prescribed by the Constitution or by an Act of Parliament

If the starting point of a link between the Voter and the people in charge of running the country is a Member of County Assembly, then we have our work cut out for us.

There are obviously very many new aspirants in all the above positions, because they have either seen how the system works or perhaps want to rattle the ship like Mr Trump. Divide and rule will not work, so the most important will be to have a simple contest between two giant parties.

A social media campaign and neighbourhood vote can take a candidate far. That is why the voter must wake up to what is happening in the environs, for example when the water shortage hits your area, no Member of Parliament can change the consumption or creation of a new dam, you have to start with the ground work. Who is in charge of your area, your county and then your nation. That is why who you put in each of these positions will either build or ruin your future.

It is easy to criticize a candidate’s efforts or lack of on a WhatsApp chat but it takes courage and determination to build a nation and if you do not cast a vote you have no right to complain. Even if the turn out at the Trump inauguration was not as beasty as Mr Obama, the reality is that his supporters put him in the White House and he gets to do whatever he wants. So if you want your person to achieve results, vote them in.


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