Back to Reality, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 6th January 2017

27 Jan
Back to Reality, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 6th January 2017

Back to Reality

Happy New Year! This is the time to reflect and take stock especially as you head back to work, so how can we make it easier?

The following are some useful tips to get you through 2017 at work:

Spend 5 minutes more with someone new in the company-

If you are employed especially in a big organization, try and get to know someone new. He or she could be the Security Guard, your Receptionist at the Godowns or the Accountant. Yes you would be surprised how a long way this kind of acquaintance can go.

If you are self-employed or the Boss then you have probably done the above, but you can do something new. Spend 5 minutes per day with a staff member. Do not make it too formal, catch him or her in action or make it seem effortless, for example, make the coffee yourself.

Write a Note per day-

Make a wish per day and stick it up at the entrance as a motto for the day and let everyone contribute. If you are working all the 365 days, just imagine who or what can inspire just about anybody even your client!

While Customer service experts will tell you how wonderful it is to give your customer a surprise call, yes it is true. It is also the best way to know how bad your product or service is. So do not drop this burden on the Customer Service department only share it with others, you will be surprised to know that sometimes the biggest complaints or compliments reach the Accounts department.

Walk the Mantra-

It is such a pity we still can not freely walk out of the office building and into a restaurant without having the danger of mugging.

Make walking a part of your routine the office, no matter how small it is. Remember every step counts, with all the diseases creeping up on anyone you could be next so why sit and grow a problem, walk and be free.

If you however want an outdoor experience and your office compound does not offer one, lobby for the rooftop, just don’t jump off it.


No matter what the situation, no matter what happened at home or in traffic, please learn to smile.

Learn to listen more and gossip less.

You will realize you have more time to be productive or daydream.

If you are the boss, then understand that when you smile you take the load of the problem by a thousand. If you are the employee and you smile you take the load of the problem by a million, just don’t be cocky.

The Environment Needs You-

People in Nairobi may never Car pool and it is a proven fact. But if in anyway you can reduce the carbon emissions, grow plants, use solar panels, and do as many of the environment tricks you are setting a trend.

Also note that a healthy attitude environment also makes the difference. Do not pollute it with petty politics, policies or pressure. Yes easier said then done, but no one said Rome was built in a day!

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