Santa Claus is Coming To Town, Point Blank with Asian Weekly, 23rd December 2016

23 Dec

Santa Claus is Coming To Town


Recently there was a study on if really Santa Claus was to deliver gifts to the world how will it happen? Believe it or not it would take Santa Claus the travelling speed of a 6 million miles per second to achieve it. This European charity giver has now become a part of every home, culture and country because Christmas is also a great marketing and shopping spree.

The five year olds are more intelligent and most fairly know that Santa Claus does not really exist. They know that he is a pretend beard, coat and cap saying “Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas” and giving away boxes at the Mall. But what they are clear about is that, Christmas is the time for holidays, adventure, parties and presents. In other words a very commercial affair! Yes a commercial affair for those who want to show off, have an excuse to splurge and be ignorant about the realities of life. This goes for the wealthy and misled.

The wealthy and grounded go for a toned down approach. Yes there are parties and presents, but there are more holidays and time with each other, getting to know the family in a new location, trying out new things and taking time off that was well earned.

But what about the middle class who are worried about paying the next term school fees? Does Christmas matter? Frankly not so much. Due to peer pressure they may succumb to the shopping of the tree or presents or attending the parties, but deep down they are only doing it so their children do not feel left out. After all the bullying in the school when the term begins and talk starts about holidays may put them to shame as they may not have much to share. It is a pity that life has become about pennies and pounds and not about memories and meaning.

Children should be told openly that Santa Claus is a figure from the European culture for the significance of Christmas. Also that Christmas has a deeper meaning for the Christians and their Son of God, Jesus Christ. The non-Christians have a unique opportunity to give back and make the year end count in this spirit of Christmas. Make your children a part of this donation and let them realize there is more to life than their iPad or Anna of Frozen. Let them share this joy with others, take them to an orphanage lunch, tree-planting exercise or better yet start closer to home and neighbourhood. Get them to play with the cousins and let them get to know each other and not just meet like guests at weddings.

Let them know that Santa Claus represents a figure of sharing, caring and giving. They can share their toys, their time.

They can care for the less needy or for their grandparents.

They can give to the community or someone in the class.

Instill these values in them and they will turn out to be better citizens as well. Christmas shopping has charm and special moments, but instead of splashing on a pair of sneakers that will outgrow them, why not tell them to bake a cake at home? Give them the chance to garden, paint, cook and dance or do anything else except stare at the screen, scream at you for demands for shopping and crap things.

Be a parent of an example, stop the wining and dining at the expense of their future or for the pressure to look good in society. Spend time as a family, invest with the children and pave the way forward to more Christmas memories. Remember the story of Charles Dickens’s Uncle Scrooge? He was the wealthy of them all when all was over for the others and even Christmas did not affect him. Teach them that when you are secure you can flourish, except don’t Scrooge it all the way and not share, be kind.

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