Shooting Blanks May Just Become the New Solution, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 11th November, 2016

14 Nov

Shooting Blanks May Just Become the New Solution


One of the oldest type of contraceptive pill has been known to be with the Ancient Egyptians. The women used a combination of cotton, dates, honey and acacia as a suppository, and it turns out fermented acacia really does have a spermicidal effect. The contraceptive pill came to modern science in the 1950s, when in 1957 the Federal Drug Administration USA approves the pull and it hits commercial use thereafter 1960 onwards.

The main thing to note here is that if the pill is taken correctly then it has a 99.9% success rate, however it does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. It is the male condom that is the best protection against STDs and HIV.

The biggest side effects known are nausea, weight change and serious ones such as increased risk for blood clots, liver or even heart disease. These pills are so sensitive that if any mistake happens the effects are long-term and silent, thus appearing later and causing a lot of damage.

Women have the choice to have a baby or not, yes motherhood is an option but there are several circumstances where they have no say. These include domestic abuse, rape, non-consensual sex, bad marriages, teenage drug habits and more. The most important requirement is a mutual almost company like partnership agreement between the man and woman and especially so with a husband and wife. It is therefore very crucial that both the husband and wife get counselling and parent preparation, because parenthood is not the easiest for various reasons and of course good mental and physical health is paramount.

Thus, this new finding of giving the man his own “contraceptive pill” is a delightful piece of news. This is the new non-hormonal male contraceptive injection that will block the sperm.

It may be ready to hit the market as early as 2018-2020. This will not affect the sexual desires and activities of the male. Plus the success rate has been known to be as high as 96%. But if the women have struggled with side effects, will the men be spared? Two major side effects noted have been increasing levels of depression leading to suicidal thoughts and faster palpitation with almost heart attacks. Therefore the study and approvals are being delayed.

While the awareness of wanted pregnancies is spreading fast and well amongst the educated population and first world nations, the world is still falling behind. In a study released in 2012, of the 213 million pregnancies, 40% were unintended. The highest proportions were in Latin America and the Caribbean (56%) and North America (51%), and the lowest were in Africa (35%), Oceania (37%) and Asia (38%); Europe’s proportion was the closest to the global average (45%).

Therefore what is most required is open dialogue between partners, families and the community. A healthy baby in the world is everyone’s sunshine, but an unwanted child is the fault of the partners involved, so why should he or she suffer?


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