Children’s Reality TV Show, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 9th September 2016

25 Oct

Children’s Reality TV Show


Back when we were kids, life was so simple. Yes, that’s back then. What’s happened to now or oh no, what’s going to happen tomorrow?

If we take a mathematical situation, our parents got say 10% freedom from their parents, we got 50% depending on social status and academic exposure, but today’s children are almost reaching the 100% mark.

The reasons:

Peer pressure

Over competitive parents

Jealous siblings

Fake family ties

Monetary secrets

Glorified Social Media

The reasons that should be:





Open Social Media

Personally I don’t remember embarrassing my parents in public, I do however recall a child crying incessantly at a toy shop just to get the latest truck, or sulking when we weren’t allowed to play a new video game or eat crisps or watch a film at the cinema. But outrage and outbursts, screaming or shouting, bawling or burping were almost never heard or seen.

Some of the latest embarrassments done by children to their parents in public include:

Mum overslept that’s why we are late to school

Dad drank too much

Uncle is too fat

Aunty is dark

She’s ugly

He’s greedy

My granny is mean and beat me

When they poop without a Nappy

Gyrating to a song they shouldn’t have seen

Singing a song they shouldn’t have listened to

The list is endless. But what to do when they do anything that is embarrassing. I have noticed 3 reactions. The first being “it’s ok, she is good at this and learning more”, the second being “a time to teach you a lesson and I’m going to take you away and give you a good scolding (spanking almost never happens)” and finally “what have you done, we need to talk it over and learn from it”. You can guess which happens more as it doesn’t depend I believe on what’s happened but how and who the parents are.

Go for the 3rd option as much as possible. They are either too young to understand you but if you are their first teacher and explain to them well, they are not stupid too, they will listen. Yes you might have to repeat it a million times, but guess what its better right now than never. If they are let loose and never taught what is right or wrong early then it can get difficult. The measurements of rights and wrong can vary depending on your own upbringing and outlook of life, but certain things are obvious and if you do not stop them early enough they take shape later on in life and become other people’s problems. Always apologize to the other party, never exaggerate another’s child’s or parent’s horror story too, it could happen to you. Support each other and share so you can learn, don’t over compete or try and win a congeniality contest, just be easy.


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  1. ndetto mbalu

    October 25, 2016 at 14:40

    Fake family ties…………….. ” my Oooh my….. “


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