Respect for Women in Danger, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 19th August, 16

19 Aug

Respect for Women in Danger

Men Ogling Women

Almost every week there is a video circulating showing how a man beat up his woman and she was killed or raped over a petty matter. The biggest crime between the lovers also is jealousy and it is driving them to cut off hands, burn each other or molest and violate their bodies. While these are signs of a burdened urban population finding space and mentally and physically, these are very dangerous signs too.

When Busia Women Representative Florence Mutua announced that she wants amendments in the Sexual Offenses Act to protect women from “ogling men” the Nation took notice. You have to understand each human being has their own personal space and even if you are family, relatives or friends, you will notice that not everyone allows you to shake their hands or give you a hug. Generally people are aware if they are being mishandled physically because that is obvious or sometimes not. But people are rarely aware if they are being looked at in a lustful manner, mostly because you are busy in your world or actions and not looking at the other person. Its close to the annoying stare down that happens in various parts of India that no matter what you wear or cover up you are stared upon at all times. However gentle mishandling like a brush on the buttocks or breasts is a violation of personal space.

The current environment is changing rapidly due to access to sexual activity through technology and if the society is not made aware of what is wrong or right then exercising the force of law will fail. There are more improvements needed in the Bill including to stop any person “who in order to conceal a sexual offence solicits for money, domestic animals or property as compensation or marries off the victim to the offender”. The Police and Counties need to create awareness on sexual offences and introduce further syllabuses to help the teachers and children identity and report.


Sexual education has become increasingly important, especially when the children can pick up your phone, end up on inappropriate photos or videos (you don’t need to be the one browsing or watching) they are just so smart in looking for things that they can end up accidentally with this material. Teenagers are at risk for proving their personality stars, to reach out and prove their success in the “sex talk” yet they are being misled or because of peer pressure, made to do and see things that they don’t need. As parents, have an immediate frank discussion and do not restrict or threaten, you will only drive them away. Approach with care and openness so that if they are being coaxed or are interested, yes sometimes some children may have a higher sexuality reaction than others, be their friend and help them respect their body and thoughts to experience naturally and safely.

Women are under threat and especially young girls who have no guardian taking care of them. But women are also each other’s strengths, so stand together and share and fight this ugly vice of lustful men who are predators. You are responsible for creating an enabling environment for yourself, your family, friends, colleagues at work and even the country.

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