Just Google It, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 15th July, 2016

22 Jul

Just Google It!

Just Google It Courtesy of Some Call Me Jem

Just Google It Courtesy of Some Call Me Jem

Imagine you are having dinner with some friends and the conversation leads to when was the Second World War, and one of the friends goes, “just Google it!”

That’s happening more than often, from small facts such as the size of a tomato to real issues, like a recipe, location of an office, or biography about someone, we are just “Googling” it.

There’s nothing wrong with this, but in a way there is something a little wrong. Remember how we could rattle off the phone numbers off the directory or recall any relative’s number so easily, today it is almost impossible to remember anybody’s mobile phone number. So yes, let’s start with when the mobile phone came into our lives, we started getting reliant on the technology in our hands and not our memory. Sure, some numbers are easier to remember and its impossible to remember the hundreds of numbers in the phone list, but if I challenged you to remember your closest friend or family member’s numbers you will be blank.

Very quickly we started browsing the world of the Internet and we are flicking through hundreds of lines of information and possibly very little is registering in our brains. That’s where Facebook has scored, by giving you photos and videos, images are easier to store in the memory. That’s why Instagram is so popular, because we want to see photos, poses and stories.

We have forgotten how to engage productively in conversations with most people because our references are these Social Media and Search Engines. While they are the leading contributors for our news and gossip, they don’t have to be the leaders in knowledge. I would recommend remain old school and keep reading books, magazines or newspapers. You can read them digitally but they are the treasures that have given birth to geniuses and that knowledge remains for you forever.

When you over rely more than required on a third party to get your information, remember it will be broken down and now as real as it should have been. The internet is an encyclopedia for absolutely everything from the hair colour of Donald Trump, to the waist size of Kim Kardashian but while the sources maybe reliable then should be the ultimate. Looking back and catching up on your favourite subjects is a great way to use the Internet, to expand knowledge is definitely a plus but to always refer to it, that’s saying something. The healthier and busy you keep your memory the better for your mental health in the long run. Unfortunately the children are all growing up around all these devices and very few can live outside their video games or mobile phones. Don’t destroy their potential to intelligence and imagination by denying them the time off from these machines. Let them be with the nature that first gave us this energy to bring ourselves this far.

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