Dear Daddy You Owe Me, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 3rd June 2016

07 Jun

Dear Daddy You Owe Me

Dear Daddy

Bringing up a child in today’s times has changed by far. Once upon a time, a baby shower was not heard of, except some traditional rituals, child was born, most referred to religious texts, named the child, held a baptism ceremony and life goes on. Nowadays, luckily most children still born have both parents, elaborate baby showers, exotic names and life has to go on.According to the Kenya National of Bureau of Statistics of 2008, about 0.5% of our population was divorced. Let’s double or even triple that numbers to 1.5% currently and in a way it is not so bad. So kudos to Lady Justice Mumbi Ngugi who has foreseen difficult circumstances to come and recently she declared section 12 of Births and Deaths Registration Act unconstitutional; thus all fathers need not be consulted and a child will get their father’s name on their birth certificate which gives he or she all rights to their father’s inheritance and claims.Yes, we are living in times when feminism is at the peak, but while we don’t really need a father to make a child, if the man was directly and naturally involved in giving you a child then he is responsible. Whatever he owns and makes, you both have a claim. Otherwise he need not go planting himself everywhere.

A single mother by choice in most cases is usually secured especially financially and thus the child need to worry about a bleak future. While adopted children will deserve even more rights because they have to be protected from predators.Abortion is considered illegal in Kenya and while unprotected sex may still be practiced largely, why then should the woman take the entire burden. Thus this landmark ruling will give men a chance to think at least twice before being free with themselves. But what happens to a lady who becomes a mother after a rape attack? Luckily the mother is protected because according to the Kenyan Constitution Section 26 (4) Abortion is not permitted unless, in the opinion of a trained health professional, there is need for emergency treatment, or the life or health of the mother is in danger, or if permitted by any other written law. Maybe we need to make this more by choice too? Because if you look at the sugar daddies syndrome that has swept urban Kenya then many of these “daddies” are going to have to chuck big bucks for the upkeep of their ladies and so many babies.

The institution of marriage is facing its own challenges in all cultures across the world and scientific and medical evolution is providing unique situations, for example if your baby has Zika Virus, would you give birth to him or her? At the end of the day, it takes two “parents” whether you are married or not to produce a child, so own up and take responsibility for the situation no matter what the circumstances or financial status. Have respect.

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One response to “Dear Daddy You Owe Me, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 3rd June 2016

  1. Jeremiah Wakaya

    June 7, 2016 at 16:22

    Great insights there. How things change though. During ’em days, bringing up a child used be a collective responsibility of the society the child grows in. Changing times perhaps require change of tact.


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