Oh That Poor Rubbish! Point Blank with Asian Weekly 13th May 2016

20 May

Oh That Poor Rubbish!


You step out of the house, car, almost anywhere, there is mud and rubbish scattered. These heavy rains have made the collection and disposable of the rubbish difficult. The attention has been primarily on the poor state of illegal buildings constructed and their downfall causing deaths. Rightfully so, but this also brings a couple of things to attention as a citizen of the country.

Almost all businesses, shops, enterprises and residents have subscribed to garbage collection, meanwhile the City Council is responsible for the drainage clean ups. However it is not working out to be a win-win situation. If we are paying for private garbage collection, is a small fee going to City Council to do the bigger job, that of disposal and recycling? If we are paying for private recycling, is a small fee going to City Council to ensure there are subsidies? Ok, let’s suppose there are these fees reaching the City Council office, but is the Council in return circulating these funds to the appropriate sections such as drainage team and so on? Let’s consider that they are reaching these teams and that the teams are fully equipped and doing their bit, then surely we would have an almost perfect system, with no unattended rubbish and smooth drainage systems.

However things are not that perfect and as the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail, then that’s what happened in the case of Nairobi. There was a rumor floating on the WhatsApp chats that the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had been advised that Nairobi is actually a swamp. Yes this actually happened but while the Railway line was being built the town grew slowly and by the time it was large enough around 1915s, it was accepted that it was too late and that Nairobi will remain challenged during these heavy rainfall seasons.

Thus, the question is that, with all the modern technology in engineering, intelligent human capital in Kenya, can we really not come up with a solution that can get out of these floods forever? Surely if we propose to the City Council and the Government they may just listen because they have exhausted their options and this is not the work of only a few but the entire capital city. If we took care of our homes, maintained their drainage systems, these small steps can help. The thing is that there was a brief period of City Council harassment that if you touched the trees outside your house, cut grass or tried to improve any of the major works, they would come knocking and things would go sour. Since they are offering permits to do the necessary improvements, let’s all follow the law and be the change you want to see. You may argue it is all easy to say and what experience do I have to sit for hours in any Government office to pay for a permit or license, but realize one thing, if you try, make the way, you will get your work done.

Be responsible in the meantime and keep your compound clean and if you have to tell your neighbor don’t hesitate, because when the drainage clogs, you all get affected. Be involved and don’t wait for someone else to clean up your mess.


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