Life & Death, Where do you go? Point Blank with Asian Weekly 25th March 2016

19 Apr

Life & Death, Where do you go?

After Life Courtesy Medical Daily

After Life Courtesy Medical Daily

Life, this very interesting life. Who knows really how it came to be. Over this Easter weekend, Christians all over the world will remember Jesus Christ and his resurrection. Christianity believes the human race began when God created Adam and Eve and Jesus being the Son of God was crucified and resurrected. So does he roam free? Who knows?

Death, this very interesting death. Who knows where you go? There is no significant evidence of anybody facing death and returning from the “heaven or hell” and telling us where they were, what happened and who they met. The only thing human beings know for sure, is that death is uncertain.

But what about the afterlife concept? While Hinduism deeply believes in reincarnation, it remains a debatable topic. Let’s explore the facts here, according to the Bhagvad Gita the soul travels from body to another and it pays its dues through the actions or karma. The rise in spirituality is for certain creating awareness that what you sow, so shall you reap. Thus, people are beginning to calculate their moves, actions, or emotions. They are cautious, while majority remain reckless or ignorant. The weighing scales are getting heavier on what you do and who do you do it to. But who is measuring? Primarily religious organizations are at the helm of this. They want to keep their devotees herding in their preferred direction, thus fear of making mistakes is top of the list.

Keeping the faith, churches open, temples running or Gurudwaras busy has its advantages and disadvantages. Communities stay together and can easily be directed to new ideas.

Here’s a new idea then, let’s try and see if you had the option of choosing a different life next time round what would or could it be like and who would you be? Majority don’t want to return to this life, it has been or is currently extremely challenging. But if you step back and had to start your life all over again, would you choose to be born in a different faith, family, country or profession? Top of the list usually are pop stars, famous people or mostly rich people because we suffer so much lack of that we want to hopefully complete it in the next life. Being born in the same family usually comes to mind also, because you are getting love, security and hope from them. Being in the same faith is almost easy too, you don’t have or tried another one to know any different.

What if you did challenge yourself? Let’s say you choose to be in a different faith or family? That would be interesting. A profession is easily achievable because the world is already a global village so no matter where or to whom you are born, you can make your own destiny. Maybe what can hold you back are the economic conditions of the country you are born in. I would worry about that, for example being born in the United Kingdom or a developed nation has better advantages, whereas some might argue Kenya is catching up I believe some of our talents are being wasted simply because we don’t have access now to opportunities like those in Silicon Valley or Hollywood. While barriers are dropping, but being at the right place at the right time have more impact than anything else.

Life, very interesting life, can be of your taking. Imagine if you had the chance to design your life in advance, what would you do? Take some time and think about it, you will be surprised who you want to emulate. Next lives are great fun for imagination, because you can only do that, hope.

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