Get Out of Jail Card, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 15th April 2016

19 Apr

Get Out of Jail Card

Get Out of Jail Courtesy Drawception

Get Out of Jail Courtesy Drawception

The recent Panama Papers brought the world to a standstill because several businesspersons and world leaders have been implicated in a global corruption scandal. We now wait and watch to see who really will go behind bars. Even when the financial crash happened in 2008, the CEOs and those who actually caused it have probably not even seen the entrance to a Police Station. There are also so many celebrities who have committed various crimes or broken the law and have escaped.


Famous people wouldn’t be famous if they didn’t create frenzy. Every country has a different stress on making the rule of law work. For example speeding on Mombasa Road with a Subaru might get you to give a fine but in the UK your driving license eventually gets revoked. The severity varies from country to country. When American football player O J Simpson was arrested for murdering his ex-wife Nicole in 1994, it became global news. Apart from the racial angle, almost the first time ever had a sports celebrity been tried for murdering his ex-wife? When Oscar Pistorious faced a similar situation, the trial also attracted similar attention. We recently saw Sanjay Dutt come out of jail after finishing his term and now he roams a free man and he was immediately flooded with love and support for his freedom.


When then is justice served? Being a celebrity and even more a politician, your wealth and influence can save you from jail time or penalties. But there is a change in the world and while the International Criminal Court is taking time to sentence various leaders for their heinous crimes, justice is being exercised, as they say “you are innocent until proven guilty.” Yes, definitely for petty crimes like kickbacks, speeding fines and more, the celebrities and politicians get away easily. However society is becoming more transparent due to Internet access and use of social media that it is not taking long before a crime is reported or witnessed and broadcasted.

What is important is the authenticity of what you are reading or watching? Incidents can be designed to mislead, they haven’t happened in a very large scale but I believe it is not long before they do. So far, since all Governments in the world control your access to the mobile phone and Internet the level of censorship can control the reporting incidents of where especially politicians have failed the nation and stolen in broad daylight. Celebrities are haunted by paparazzi so even the case of Michael Jackson grabs worldwide attention and has a trickle down effect of the crimes committed. The advantage in celebrities getting caught is that the crime or immoral practice being conducted such as child abuse or rape get more attention and victims subsequently benefit as their programs get more funding to support them and their issues.

With the politicians, the web is so wide, it is difficult to determine the spider and the guilty members and how really will you bring them to justice? We can’t fire all the presidents and prime ministers in the world. Worse are the business accomplices who own million dollar industries who actually feed the politicians with this venom of corruption and crime. A Mexican warlord eliminates human beings with a bullet but a corporate billionaire makes products to kill in multiples.

A simple example in front of you is the everyday road traffic in Nairobi. If each one of us, followed the traffic rules showed some courtesy there would be an enormous domino effect, but when only one driver remains stubborn nothing happens. Justice will also only affect celebrities and politicians when pressure comes not from one association, film, Music Company, continent but globally. Until then, we exercise our duty, don’t take a bribe and don’t give one. Report a crime and a is a part of the justice system for the sake of the future of your next generation.


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