Artificial Intelligence Please, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 26th February 2016

11 Mar

Artificial Intelligence Please

Courtesy of TechInsider

Courtesy of TechInsider

What is your daily routine like? Wake up to the alarm clock on your smart phone, possibly listen to the radio or go to the YouTube etc for your entertainment, news and catch up. Well, that’s how life is shaping up to be, technical, full of ICT and new terms, for example selfies and more.

What is this telling you? Our way of living is getting automated and robotic. So what if your maid or nanny or your assistant was a robot how would life become then?

Human beings have been learning about their own design for centuries, from the physical body, mind, intelligence, and language to the emotional quotient. They are on the brink of making artificial intelligence now integrate with us. Some people are used to recording podcasts or video blogs just to talk about their problems and get through the day. Are we losing touch of who we are or are we about discover who we really are?

Before I proceed there is the whole dynamic of the other force, which we call God. He is the super power, the unknown, the designer, the creator and the destroyer. Will he be happy if we created robotic clones? Since he gave man an intelligence mind, then why shouldn’t man create such a being? Yes let us go for it, we will be able to create a super legion, an army like Iron Man who will obey all commands from the head quarter of a super nation.

We can have mini workers to make our coffee, cook our food and not only be restricted to building cars. They can build houses and basically take over many menial jobs. The most personal one being that of a nanny or maid, these are sensitive and deal with especially young children or babies, or household. Perhaps not, having a robotic nanny is a very bad idea, you might as well give your child a remote control instead of a heart and let him or her be driven by a video game. Motherhood is precious and needs the human touch. So does housework. While efficient cleaning can be achieved, when you take care of your house and its people by yourself, you remain a warm, cultured, loving person. You are a family. This dynamic may be challenged in the future but so far, we can live with the reality of touch, emotions, love, fear, tears and smiles. Don’t let everything become mechanical. Then what will happen to people?

Possible emigration to another planet? Yes that may happen, considering space tourism is about to take off and just like once a upon time people flew from one continent to another, we will fly from one planet to another. Life is about to get very interesting and more than likely dangerous first before we really get a hang on things and then live in a faraway world. Robots will make life easier and fun to place with, but we may not be able to really detect their own intelligence. While this theory has been shown in the films, they are not very far from the truth. Your Frankenstein might turn against you, don’t play God, and just try.

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