11 Mar

Cheating is a Way of Life

Cheating Image

There was once a time, when all was fair, in trade, in love, in business, in society, in Government, in Kingdom, in life. Really? Wherever you look, at any corner of the world while there is much good, there is much bad too.

As the Month of March started there came very good news for KCSE students scoring top marks, and then there was that 70% cheating group.

According to the Minister of Education Fred Matiang’I, there was an almost 70% rise in cheating and especially so in the counties of Nairobi, Makueni and Meru.

The capital city of the country is certainly not setting a positive example. It is no wonder the children are chilled out about the corruption factor. Where has it come from? Apart from the leaders, it is coming from their immediate environment, which includes the learning institutions and especially their homes. When you see your parent making a mistake and being unapologetic about it, then you too will pick up the same habits, for example like drinking alcohol.

These children need to realize their future is at stake and people don’t become successful by paying or receiving kickbacks. Business should not be conducted like that, certainly not, but who is to blame? The business leaders themselves must come out and speak to these students, that hard work pays. But then some may argue that not all get lucky. Yes it is a fact they don’t, to survive in the world you need many talents, conduct many tactics and possess many strategies. You do need your education, be sincere and be very prepared to work hard, take hits, falls and then rise up.

If children receive good values at home, they will practice them automatically in their adult life. For example if you are driving and if you are stopped by the Policeman and know you are innocent, then no need to pay any bribe to come out of the situation, stay stubborn. If you are guilty, admit your mistake and be prepared to face the law, show your child you are with the system, that there is a system and people are held accountable. If one family starts this, your neighbor will follow suit and thus begins the domino effect. As a parent you are responsible to guide your child in the right direction.

Then comes the job of the teacher. He or she is the ultimate eyes and ears for the child in school. They can tell who is a bright or weak student. They can even tell which student is a nuisance or absolutely diligent. They become the gatekeepers of the child’s destiny, so why not hold them accountable too? The extra tuitions scheme is their way of actually diverting income to their personal lives and hardly ever bother giving the student a proper assistance in getting better grades. Then isn’t this a form of corruption they are passing on to the child? Yes, sure there may be extra studying required for some students, and that doesn’t make them dumb or stupid but give them the correct value for it.

The school owners and the principals are also responsible for the cheating culture. If they don’t penalize their teachers who are guilty, or create a conducive environment to promote honest, positive and long lasting values for everyone. When you step into a school you should feel this is an institution where achievements, inventions and miracles are possible. The parents work day and night, sacrifice their needs to put their children through school, the last thing they need to worry about is police checking a school over their cheating attitude. There is no doubt the Ministy of Education and other relevant bodies need to play their part too. Because after all they set the syllabuses and graduate the teachers and so on. if their ideas and especially in practice are carried out well then there is a long wonderful journey of success.

Ultimately children need to realize that while money is necessary and pays the bills, it is not the status symbol or ticket to success. Good values, great education and humble attitude will make you change the world.

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