Oh Those Lovely Kids at Weddings! Point Blank with Asian Weekly 19th February 2016

19 Feb

Oh Those Lovely Kids at Weddings!

Courtesy Indian Wedding Site

Courtesy Indian Wedding Site

My sari blouse doesn’t fit anymore, the chunni got burnt, I don’t have matching earrings, seriously is my husband going to wear that same blue shirt again? And the kids? Oh no what about the kids?

That is pretty much what happens every wedding season. There is some good news though, let’s explore this situation further.

When you were a child, your mum put you in a borrowed or hand me down outfit and combed your hair, chose your shoes and you were out the door, stringing along.

When you are today’s child, oh no, things are very different. You want to choose your outfit, color, buy a new one if need be, select the shoes and get the latest hairstyle done too. By the way boys are equally trendy, gone are the days when they wore jeans, a t-shirt and just walked out. Now they don’t leave without gelling their hair, yes even at 9 years old, or maybe 12.

So now with all these additional styling mumbo jumbo, is it worth taking these kids to a wedding?

Indian weddings last for hours from dressing up, walking out the house, add the traffic, the ceremony, food and leaving and more rituals. What’s a mother got to do? You might think having a Nanny can help, but they too can be troublesome. You might think grandparents are there, but they too need to do their socializing. You might think cousins, nieces or nephews can help, but nowadays they would rather live in their smart phones. You might think what about the husband? Oops Darling, either hubbies have become too clingy to their children or have found other pretty ladies.

Finally we come down to the Mum. Make a deal with yourself from day one, the commitment of having a child in today’s tornado environment is a challenge itself. Put your foot down and do what is best for you, and I don’t mean the child, you first, only then can you do anything for your child. You are your child’s contingency plan, so when they can’t sit still through a boring endless wedding ceremony you better have a plan. Seriously if the wedding is not of the family or the closest relative or the closest friend, keep your children home. Especially if the child is agitated and running all over and you are chasing him or her in the complex. Babies are included in this situation, yes no excuses. They need their feeding, special attention sometimes and all that noise is just a total disruption for both of you.

However if you are not able to find a baby sitter, grandparents, or the husband to watch over the kids, then learn how to train your children to listen to you in public. Many times, children become defiant when they are among their peers and want to make a point. Start the training from school programmes and birthday parties and if need be explained to them what’s going on. Today’s child is more curious than our times, so sit down and talk them through it, this includes teenagers, who are suffering from self-esteem issues and find any excuse to stay home or show off unnecessarily. This is a delicate balance and you can learn from the best, your very own parents, ask them for their advice. They took care of you and know children better, so they are the experts use them.

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