Love Don’t Cost A Thing, Point Blank with the Asian Weekly 29th January 2016

28 Jan


Love Don’t Cost A Thing

Valentine's Day

Oh no it is that time of the year again or oh yes can’t wait? You are probably preparing to be a part of Valentine’s Day or run away. According to a Yahoo survey done a few years ago, most couples consider break ups between Christmas and Valentine’s Day. You can blame this on the very many post New Year resolutions, or easy access to affairs and one night stands (yes that’s what online dating app like Tinder is).

So let’s start with the basics, what is Valentine’s Day? According to me it started out as giving roses in school and the most popular guy or girl where the stars and the nerds where left outs. Then we progress to college or university when the real dating kicked in and yes casual or exploring sex and most fell in love and become sweethearts and announced engagements and continue to gush over their love on Valentine’s Day. Then there are the left out nerds who didn’t score in college, university or work place and ended up in arranged marriages and almost never celebrate Valentine’s Day. But wait! Since the explosion of Social Media, there has been a mega-shift in relationships and the shopping malls, restaurants etc are cashing in.

So what is Valentine’s Day now? It starts with booking a weekend away, parents have really relaxed on letting unmarried couples be on their own. Married couples make sure they do it, otherwise they look unromantic amongst their peers. Single people treat themselves and celebrate “hate valentine’s day”. Not to forget the shopping of roses, bouquets, jewellery, clothes, dining out and the list is endless depending on how deep the pocket is (by the way not how deep the love is). Then there are those who prefer to honor their loved ones, parents, special people and so on. If you want to get a whole lot of likes by all means, go ahead and show off your love and what you get up to (there are those who really make it point to do so).

But real love, doesn’t cost a thing. Take a look at your parents. They didn’t have this mumbo jumbo and despite the differences, quarrels and sacrifice, there is real love. They have lasted through their thousands of Valentine’s Days, because each day is supposed to be about love, not gifts, photos and weekend getaways. Giving your wife or husband a gift is surely sentimental but remember things are things, when you are not mentally and emotionally supporting each other through thick and thin, they don’t matter.

With rising prices on almost everything, perhaps it is wiser to save up for the bigger picture. This can be a new family home, holiday or investment. Unfortunately society pressure is a big trap to fall in for especially for unmarried couples and the expectations are often too high and disappointments many. Have an honest conversation with your partner and tell them exactly what you want out of this Valentine’s Day and that should put a lot of things at rest, and listen no need to get worked up about expecting a proposal or break up. Take it easy.

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