Bringing School at Home, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 8th January, 2016

08 Jan

Bringing School at Home

Courtesy Doyle Dazzles

Courtesy Doyle Dazzles

What is education? Apart from the basics of going to school, reading textbooks, writing on exercise books, it has taken on an even bigger universal tone because of the Internet and Social Media. You need to be educated not only in school, but at home, at the office, in the family, in a relationship, in friendship or in almost in any part of your life. The world is changing at a phenomenal pace, inventions are exploding at every corner and the curiosity is building more than ever. Then why is education limited to school still and unfortunately you have to pay a lifetime just to get it?

Education is expensive and I don’t get it why? Why do parents have to sell their jewellery, lifetime savings, cars, and houses just to put you through school? It is ridiculous and the school fees aren’t going down just up and up. Let me not get into the economics, I am not an expert, but one thing is clear, raising a child is expensive. What hurts in the end is after all that investment when they don’t bother repaying you and run off to a “greener pasture” as a parent you are completely insulted.

So how can education be made more financial friendly? Luckily there are several ways; the choice is up to you. I think there are 3 types of parents, the first that are bound by bills and put their children through school because it is part of the motion; the second that are bound by society competition and keep showing off by putting their children in expensive schools and extra curricular activities; then there are those who genuinely care for their child’s interest and know that a education, skill and talent can be a transforming part of life.

If you are bound by bills, then get real and know this that putting your child in the local system of the country is no shame, that way you won’t have to pay grand overseas fees and your child will have a degree or qualification.

If you are bound by society competition, then good luck.

If you are genuinely an educationist then this message is for you. Let your child learn using the Internet, save the money and let him or her be creative. The best examples so far are the Khan Academy, which is leading in the online learning education especially for Math. Or you can enroll in the Isha School Foundation that is also teaching life’s purpose, spirituality, humanity and so much more. It doesn’t have to be all about Math’s or English.

This is the beauty of human life, we are at the cusp of a huge historical change so why not be a part of it or be the one who makes it happen. Isn’t it time we find another Einstein? Children know even better than us to maneuver the iPads or smart phones, imagine if they invented something that is revolutionary. Will they discover this sitting in a class full of other students, under pressure to pass exams and have you pile up debts? Yes one thing can’t be argued is that if you went to a top university your chances of getting an instant great package of employment is substantially higher and it sets up a strong foundation. But what about if your child can become an entrepreneur, sports or musician? Why wait? Why wait for the Government to make school fees affordable, why wait to get the dream job to pay for your child’s education? Take a moment and research there is several ways to get educated nowadays. Dare to believe.


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