Relocating to Planet Mars, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 11th December, 2015

15 Dec

Relocating to Planet Mars

Planet Mars courtesy of Rutgersprep

Planet Mars courtesy of Rutgersprep

Sitting at the cinema watching Tom Cruise come out of the shower in the film Oblivion, I am thinking, wow is this how we are going to live in the near future? It didn’t take long before all hell to break loose and he is in a quest to save that very world. Planet earth is beautiful, green, colorful, many species, flowers, oceans, beaches, snow capped mountains, high rise buildings, walkways, malls, cars, stadiums, museums and so on. What do other planets have? A possible amount of H2O, volcanoes, other minerals, new air and maybe a new species, we are still exploring or could “they” be discovering us?

Human beings are known to be hoarders or collectors. We have umpteen museums, collections and even at home we are not ready to let go of many things, from broken cups, jeans or books. So just imagine if the world were to end and you had to board a spaceship and take a few things, what would happen? The problem with the images we are seeing so far of future worlds or ways of living is coming from Hollywood. These include blondes, well toned muscles; figure hugging suits, military training, skinny diets, guns, spaceships and no children. What happened to trees, music, fashion, people of all shapes, sizes, color, children, sand, blackboards, books, real food, wine, ice cream, babies, coffee shops and so on?

If I had a suitcase and had to choose 3 things to take to the next planet, I would choose love, creativity and compassion. Love is the most important human feeling we have and who knows how much we will need in the new planet. Imagine if you were always fighting with each other and didn’t have the patience and heart to listen, learn and live. We would perish immediately. Creativity is the next most important human attribute, because of creation we have come so far. Imagine the new things we will continue to create, make, develop, the arts, crafts, memories, writings and so on. It will surely help us keep it going and adapt. Human beings are very intelligent species and know how to change things, if we could plunder and modify our planet earth imagine what we could get up to with the new planet. Compassion because it is the one feeling that has gotten the human race thus far. Without it we would have wiped ourselves out with a nuclear bomb. We would not wake up and be grateful for who we are and what we can do. We would not tolerate the different races, religions and genders. We would have killed, smashed and looted. Why despite two world wars and many thousands of conflicts we are still surviving, because we can forgive, we have the heart.

But on a less lecture note, the other 3 things that will be useful are chocolates, coffee and pen and paper (oops that’s 4 things) but what the heck. Survival comes in many forms and we may end up having the best food, technology and access to knowledge but there is just some old school charm in things that you are familiar with. The things that make you tick, give you the kick are the ones that you need to keep with you at all times, even if it is an empty ATM card. You never know what will keep you inspired, motivated and courageous on a new journey, new life and new planet.

Don’t forget where you came from and what you have been through, because that type of experience will help you develop new and better engineering for your new home.

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