Time- A Mystery, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 13th November 2015

13 Nov

Time- a Mystery

Time Machine

What is time? Who has seen it? Have you touched it?

When I think of time, I remember two things. The first is the Ramayan voice that used to narrate the story and we all watched in family gatherings every Sunday almost 2 decades ago. The second is Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time. I haven’t had a chance to read his book but in his life’s film adaptation The Theory of Everything, one thing was clear, time is a mystery to Stephen.

The closest book to explaining time in a simple and adventurous manner is H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine published in 1895. Almost a century ago, a man visualized what mankind is most curious to try and possibly control- time.

So far we have seen time machines in the movies and when a person crosses from one era to the next he or she arrives unscathed. Here’s a scenario, what if you had this chance, would you like to go back in time or go forward?

Let’s explore as if we are on a quest. Going back in time would put you in various situations that you already know of, have heard of or seen via documentaries or the know-it-all Google. You can go back to when Jesus Christ was hung or when Sita was abducted or when the dinosaurs were roaming the earth. You can meet Napoleon Bonaparte, ask Hitler why he did what he did, tell Princess Diana not to take that last ride, the possibilities are endless. What if you go could back as many times as you wanted, you could go to the Wild West, live in the Victorian era, work with the British East India Company or fight with the Mau Mau. Or you could save someone you love, not say that lie, stop the pain, and relive a happy moment. How come when we think of going back in time we only think of cheating death? Doom, gloom, no room for hope because it has already been done and dusted.

But what would go forward mean? Checking out a new planet, wearing Star Wars uniforms and saving Earth or a new home? Meeting a new species that is less or more superior to humans? What if the dinosaurs come back? Again the possibilities are endless, they are all up to your imagination. There is so much we still don’t know about our universe and how this thing called “time” measures our successes and failures.

I would go back in time to learn what could have been, and possibly be part of a change that would make our today better. An example is stop deforestration or stand up for climate protection because our cars have surely given us status but elevated the status update for the planet to go higher and almost explode. Do we want to live like this? You might argue that there have been many champions who started and did their best to bring a situation under control but we are here and nothing can be done. That’s why the time machine is powerful, because if you could go forward in time and see the destruction, wouldn’t you do things differently?

There are many individuals who altered the history of mankind and do they deserve punishment or for example do the existing criminals deserve the opportunity to run our world? Perhaps the time machine can help us know better. The past and future can be determined to a certain extent through the lines on your hands, horoscopes, numerology or even the crystal ball’s tarot card reader. If you do get a chance to step into a time machine, go ahead, it is a chance of a lifetime.

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