Stop, Don’t Bite Too Much, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 6th November, 2015

06 Nov

Stop, Don’t Bite Too Much

The month of Cancer Awareness, October ended on a high note that focused the attention on processed meat being one of the leading catalysts for cancer. This report was compiled by the World Health Organization stated that it is now classifying meat as “”carcinogenic to humans” based on evidence from hundreds of studies, and linked it specifically to colon, or colorectal, cancer.

We will let the medical experts argue you out the finer details of the report and effects or causes of cancer from eating two slices of ham. Let us discuss the basic connection of meat to good health and of course a lead up to cancer.

Why and when did human beings start eating meat? According to paleontologist Dr. Richard Leakey, he notes that humans are herbivores, we have not being designed to tear hide or flesh by hand. Although so many have become omnivores, research shows that man started eating meat when scavenging for food and stumbled upon left over meat by animals. Eating flesh in end eats us.

Cancer is a serious killer, and it is unfortunately silent. So stand up and make the necessary changes. These days almost everything can be researched at the click of a finger, so when you know that meat is harmful why continue eating it? I am a vegetarian and have never eaten a steak or chicken and many can argue that you are missing out; these are absolutely delicious foods or even simple scrambled eggs. But here’s the thing, at what expense?

There is also a popular myth that giving meat to the kids makes them stronger and healthier. Honestly I don’t see very many healthy children anymore, more and more have asthma, constipation and more medical problems. So they are already vulnerable and do you really need to pump them with protein and flesh of another animal? Keep life simple; give them the greens, colorful fruits and dhal. There is no guarantee that you may be eating the best or strictest diet, no alcohol, no other vices but you can drop dead in just one second. But we are educated parents and we can put a stop by not giving our children meat, keeping them “flesh-free” and then leave them to grow up and be their own people. If your child does want to eat after becoming 18 then let them be, that will be just one of the things they want to do.

About ten years ago or longer vegetarian food was not easily available at the supermarkets, for example for the students who went to study in UK or Canada. But it has been almost 5 years or slightly more and the West are adopting to vegetarianism like a virus and thus more foods for us are now easily available and there is almost no excuse. Why do you want to make a ham sandwich when you can make an aloo parantha with the best herbs and be healthy?

Don’t take this WHO report lightly, you know yourself and the old saying “overconsumption leads to overkill”. So have life’s pleasures in small doses and you too will last longer.


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