An Unnecessary Barking Debate, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 23rd October 2015

26 Oct

An Unnecessary Barking Debate

Dogs Courtesy Puplife

Dogs Courtesy Puplife

A dog is a man’s best friend and you can never ever go wrong. They take care of you, protect you, loyal to you and always love you unconditionally. Yes they must be taken care of too and not used, abused, chewed, beaten or disposed. But the upcoming bill for debate in the Parliament is a waste of time.

The Nairobi City County Dog Control & Welfare Bill is 21 pages long but what does it really say?

Here’s what I picked:

Part I- Preliminary

  1. The object and purpose of this Act is to provide for the control & welfare of dogs within the precincts of Nairobi City County pursuant of Part II of the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution by-

(a) providing for a licensing regime for dogs

(b) providing standards of conduct in the habitation and handling of dogs by its owners;

(c) prohibiting the unhygienic disposal of dog carcasses in public places, drains and sewers, for restoring and maintaining clean environment; and

(d) such other measures as outlined in this Act


Why is this a waste of time for debate in Parliament? Well, this should have Standard Procedure long, long time ago. Now that it is up for debate, let’s go over it.

From the Preliminary points above, there is some direction to where it is going. Dogs are precious animals and need to be defended from dog eaters and beaters. You should never see them being sold on the roads in Westlands ever. This will give them proper kennels and not mattresses to sleep on, better food and not leftovers.

According to Part III- Dog Welfare under- other prohibitions:

13 (1) A person shall not-

(e) keep any dog, which barks, yelps, howls or whines for more than six accumulated minutes in an hour or more than three accumulated minutes in an half hour;

I am hoping the above has been inserted upon consultation with a dog expert and that if the dog is barking incessantly it really means his health is in danger. On the other hand what about if you keep security dogs? Or dogs to save you from the rising crime and intruders? There definitely needs change in the above clause. But Kenyans style is to make fun, share on WhatsApp and forget the matter; only until you have to pay the fine do you wake up.

By the way the General Penalty as stated is:

  1. (1) A person who contravenes the provisions of this Act for which no penalty is specified or fails to comply with any order or direction given under this Act, shall be punishable with fine not exceeding five thousand shillings.

Dog owners and animal lovers and especially general public organize yourselves, understand this bill and debate the changes you would like grown ups. Otherwise there is not much difference between them and us.

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