Money: A Curse, Necessity or Gift? Point Blank with Asian Weekly 16th October 2015

23 Oct

Money: A Curse, Necessity or Gift?

Billionaire Courtesy Other Words

Billionaire Courtesy Other Words


Whoever said money was not important, lied. It is extremely important, after all it pays the bills, buys you friends, helps you cheat in marriages and so many other crazy things. You have to choose whether you want to be the devil roaming with bank loads of cash or pauper with a heart full of goodness.

When you sit at a café at any high street your self-esteem rise and you quickly start speaking and walking like a rock star. That is money taking over you. Money has taken different meanings in the last few decades. For example money for your grandparents meant setting up a business, buying land or a house, money for your parents meant giving the children and education and running the house or business, money for you means travelling the world, buying luxury goods or having a lavish wedding. There are very few who have considered that money can do more, it can save a life, feed a child, educate a village or bring up a family. You need a very big heart to give even 100bob in your life.

The curses of money are plenty. Families have broken or stopped talking for years over property disputes, business downfalls and wedding or funeral spending. Friends have turned their backs on each other because of debts, jealousy, failure in business partnerships and bankruptcy. Politicians have held the citizens accountable for their treasury failures or corruption. Wars have been created to give a market to weapons. Banks and the financial markets crashed while the heads of the very same institutions went home with million dollar bonuses. Where is the justice in all of this? This is not the era of the naïve lucky fortunetellers but of the evil, aggressive and mighty bullies.

What is most irritating are the new ways to splash the cash. From platinum baby showers where the baby gets designer wear outfits and guests eat ‘diamond’ cakes, why don’t you instead go to children’s home and support the babies who are orphaned? Give them a chance at life and have your child realize that his or her coming gave a purpose to many others. A bride can wear a hundred thousand shillings outfit but she may not even have the respect of one shilling towards her elders, seriously? The groom can come in a Ferrari but he treats his workers like crap, underpaying them and keeping all the profits at the small mountaintop. The boss flies around the world in first class, but when it comes to saying hello to the tea guy who stood by him from his humble beginnings, he just can’t do it, he is now flying high, why bother with the sincere admirers? There are many wealthy people who give in the name of “charity” but can’t talk or treat their family members or workers with any decent respect. It is as if they are bribing God and building their way up to bliss.

Thankfully there is a very big silver lining to all this. There are many more individuals, families, friends and corporations who are standing up to fakeness, impunity, corruption, unfairness and just basic humanity. You can blow your ego as much as you want, but one day when you will stop feeding it, it will destroy you. There are parents who are bringing up their children to realize that life is beautiful, it may not be easy, but it is full of possibilities. It is up to you to make good choices and help others, the weak, the defeated and the fallen. There are couples that spend their wedding feasts with family and friends and give back to the society, they participate in their community building and take care of others. There are children who respect the elders, who give them pocket money, pay for their airtime or take them out once in a while. There are bosses who keep their workers as part of their family and build their lives too. There are those who give in charity because their heart wants to, genuinely do for others because they have been in pain, hunger and poverty also.

There is much good, this starts from a good heart, some money and loads of sincerity.

“Everyone wants to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”

― Oprah Winfrey

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