Ladies Circle, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 25th September 2015

02 Oct

Ladies Circle

Keep Calm Gynaecologist Courtesy by Zazzle

Keep Calm Gynaecologist Courtesy by Zazzle

Twenty years ago when a lady wanted to visit a gynaecologist she specifically sought out a female doctor. Ten years ago, women started opting for male gynecologists because of short supply or lack of connection. Five years ago, the trend has reverted and women want women.

I haven’t got these statistics from any authority but from observation of the family and friends around me. gynaecology is known as the “science of the woman” and andrology is known as the “science of the man”. Every doctor has to gain his or her specialty and back in the days around the 1900s doctors were male and midwives were female. In fact most nurses have been female for a long period of time, mostly because she had the motherly or healing touch and in a way it was the woman’s job to clean up. Times have changed and men have signed up and are capable nurses too. Thus in seeking specialties since most doctors were male they easily stepped into the role of gynaecologists. While midwifery started in Egypt almost 100 years ago, it has been recognized by the World Health Organization and is an active profession even in today’s modern hospitals.

Men have been asked all the time why they became gynaecologists and while their answer remains because they found their calling in that specialty some women have suffered at their expense. They have known to take advantage of their lady patients, physically abuse them or get romantically involved and cause havoc. A recent case of sexual abuse being in New York where the 55 year-old doctor was conducting oral sex with his female patients for almost 2 years before being caught. Thus, the threat remains. You might think if he is a straightforward family man, he may not be creepy, but he can slip up. However someone can argue what if the female mother is beautiful and also seduces him? Things can get sick, so let’s keep it basic. It is your call, as a couple what do you want?

Ultimately physical examination will happen and as a woman would you be comfortable if another male saw you like that? Most of our mothers had male gynaecologists because there was not that much female doctors penetration into the medical profession. Much has changed since then and more girls want to sign up and have successfully managed to have great medical careers. Our mothers went on the referral basis and trusted that all will be well since the danger of a complication lurks you need faith that your doctor can save you and the baby. The following generation either went to the same male gynaecologist or depending on their upbringing and exposure and also their husband’s opinion she may have changed to choose a female gynaecologist.

Having a baby in today’s time has changed dramatically. From medical miracles to new types of parents such as gay couples and transgender and the various birth defects and other illnesses babies can face, a lot more calculation is going into the whole pregnancy process. Depending on what type of medical access you have, for example a woman living in a village is limited, but a woman living in a city has choice, you can have the option to make a better decision based on the experience and reputation of the gynecologist. A female gynecologist may not harass you but what if she can’t perform a necessary procedure? Being a feminist I don’t mean to put my colleagues down but if you have the option to choose a better doctor depending on your pregnancy case, then be smart.

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