Are You The New Man? Point Blank With Asian Weekly 2nd October 2015

02 Oct

Are you the New Man?


The society is changing and we are on the brink of relying on artificial intelligence to take us to the next level. But some things are old school, should they stay that way or do they need to change? The pressure is more on the male gender because they may not be Superman but they aren’t James Bond, so what are they?

The Western man had already established his modern culture and equality but the Asian man is catching up. Here’s an example, if you were a musician or artist and were dating a Western man he would love your creativity and freedom, but if you were with an Asian man, he would be more insecure and hardly supportive. They are changing and a few who are beginning to recognize independent women and appreciating their education levels or career ambitions, stand proudly with their partners and support them immensely.

Men have however remained more or less the same, it is the women who are changing. They are gaining more financial freedom, career heights and professions that they are almost equal in the workplace and demand the same from their partner or husband. Thus, it is becoming more of a personal choice between individuals how they want to play out the social scene.

The norm in a typical date remains that the man pays for everything. However the woman may be different and say let’s split it. Should the man remain old school and follow the rules where he was the provider, giver and taker? A little yes and no! He should remain the provider and the giver as much as possible but be the taker conditionally. This is the feminist in me speaking and I am afraid the story about “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” still applies. The men are created differently and thus let them play out their traditional DNA habits as much as possible. Women still remain the same too, emotional, dramatic, clingy, proud or cranky. I am not being mean to the womenfolk but you have come a long way professionally and financially but emotionally there is still lots of work to be done.

The social environment unfortunately has been tainted with status competition and unrealistic expectations. Here’s where the experience of parents, uncles, aunties or the couples before you can help you regain and maintain respect with each other. Our parents haven’t been together for the longest time for nothing, they have a magic formula and you need to find out what it is. Hardly 1% of men will accept their lady earning higher than them or become house husbands, the rest still want to be the man in charge. It depends on your professional equation. For example if she is a doctor you might want to be more proactive, but if you are the doctor then she will do her bit. The problem comes when the individuals calculate who is doing more emotionally and financially. That’s why you need to be grown up and sit down and talk it out before you tie the knot and if needs a pre-nuptial agreement then so be it. It is better than getting wine splashed on your face because Mister you maxed out the credit card and Madam has to pay the bill.

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