Let’s Talk About Sex, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 18th September 2015

18 Sep

Let’s Talk About “Sex”

Sex Education

The world has changed, people have changed, and information has changed. This is the new age and it comes with its advantages and disadvantages. The most vulnerable in all of this are the children, or perhaps not. They may just be holding the key to our future, maybe with robots? Yes, artificial intelligence is taking over the human race and maybe in 20 or 30 years time to come there are going to be lots of changes and replacements. But what about the human touch, mind and soul? We need to know our species and ourselves more and more than ever before. We need to be as many steps as forward as possible. I don’t mean to sound apocalyptic but that’s where we are headed.

But what does sex and education have to do with this? Hang on, it should be “sex education”. Right now sex is just a click away, accessible through a smart phone, in the Whatsapp messages, on the pornographic sites, on adult TV, in conversations at beer time, coffee time, phone time and the list goes on. It is no longer under a bed sheet, a corner, and car or after marriage. The AIDS epidemic may have threatened its openness but its back with a bigger bang especially with the gay rights granted in Ireland, USA and many other nations. Remember the gay pride flag is a rainbow, so you can’t cheat a child and tell him or her, “look honey- rainbow”.

The biggest fear is how much to tell the child and when to tell them. That depends on how much you know. How have you learnt about it, what have been your experiences, expectations, disappointments, highs and disgust? What does it mean to you as an individual and parent. Here is where is discussions with your parents may be helpful, but we all know that their generation was in the most taboo times, so that may not really work out. Then you are left with your own experiences and knowledge from the World Wide Web. As a parent you know your child best, you know how clever, dumb, curious or devious they are or can be. You want the best, you want to protect them, and you should arm them in every way possible.

Yes teachers play a big role by introducing the reproductive system to the students, but nowadays children really can tell a lot of things. In most cases they are able to tell the baby doesn’t come from the sky or delivered in a basket, they are almost prepared or know it comes from mum and dad, and how that happens is where you come in. The success of your relationship will also interpret what sex can mean to them, so be aware.

Sex education thus is important for all ages, especially the children. They need to know what happens and why, this may not have to be so scientific but more how it is a human thing (I don’t want to say habit, because some may interpret it is addiction). Forget the “birds and bees” talk you may need to get real with them. When your daughter is watching Taylor Swift or Katrina Kaif kissing Hrithik Roshan, she may be curious why and what is happening. You need to tell her. When your son is following Spiderman kissing upside down or Salman Khan not kissing even then you need to tell him why. They easily have access to YouTube and before you know it they are on a semi-porn film. Tablets and phones are excellent for their purpose but with children they need to be controlled. Sex education is explicitly available on the Internet and you also don’t want them to know too much. We are not in search for a misguided Mr Grey for the future.

Have that talk soon, don’t wait, they already know too much.

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