Interns Should Get Paid? Point Blank with Asian Weekly 28th August 2015

18 Sep

Interns Should Get Paid?


The way we work has changed in so many ways, especially the type of work around too. About nearly 2 decades ago, the best jobs were in law, accounts and medicine. But nowadays you can easily become a Yoga teacher, Zumba instructor, bird watcher and more and still have a good job and a great income. It is all about having fun. You should wake up with a smile as you go to work, or wait- create art, as my good friend Seth Godin says.

In all of this, how does the intern fit? Bright, young and full of hope, that’s an intern or sometimes forced job-seekers. Yes, let’s face the fact that some kids just aren’t cut out to work or want to inherit family businesses and just chill. But what happens when an intern at the United Nations is complaining? This makes global news. By definition in the dictionary, an intern means:

  1. A student or a recent graduate undergoing supervised practical training.
  2. A physician who has recently graduated from medical school and is learning medical practice in a hospital under supervision, prior to beginning a residency program.

Before I talk about the UN, let’s explore the medical intern situation. I have had the privilege of having doctors around my family and friends and you may agree, internship was the hardest. However in the long run, it was what prepared them for the slightly worse side of things, such as losing a patient, forgetting the notes or being shouted at by a superior. Medical internship is important as it prepares the student for the hard life ahead.

Then there is corporate internship, where you have the chance to learn from the best corporations or small businesses and possibly earn that job. Usually however they end up picking tea, coffee, photocopy and gossip in the corridors.

Thus, is internship worth it and should the intern be paid? According to David Hyde who was accepted as an intern with the UN in Geneva, he didn’t realize how expensive the living expenses would be and ended up in a tent at the Lake Geneva. There has been clarification since that he had been advised the Geneva is an expensive city and he should make sure he can cater to his needs. Thus, no fault of UN.

Yes internship is worth it and no they should not be paid. You may argue that living expenses, transport costs, eating out and phone bills can add up and it can difficult to do an internship. Here’s the thing, if money is important for you then your career is doomed. Most successful businesses look at the profit line closely but not watch it like a hawk. What matters is the product, service and their commitment to making it a success. Money in also means money out. Your bottom line should drive your passion for success or how many materialistic things you can buy and whether your bank balance is huge or depleting. If you start paying interns, then they will think money is important. They will not learn to value the brand, or their skills enough to realize they can make something from nothing. The toughest intern is a survivor and you can ask any tycoon in the world he or she will easily attest to at least one bankruptcy. It is how you get up and challenge the world with your idea, passion and hard work that matters. So when you are an intern and your bills are paid, what are you working to show? Good looks, favors or genuinely good work? Sorry buddy, that’s a shortcut, work hard, learn, fall, loose, go broke but become a survivor you will last longer.

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