They Say “The Show Must Go On”, Point Blank with Asian Weekly 24th July 2015

28 Jul

They Say “The Show Must Go On”

Westgate Mall Courtesy Ogaaw

Westgate Mall Courtesy Ogaaw

When a dancer performing on stage slips, he or she gets up and “the show must go on”. However life is not that simple. When you loose someone you love, your life can turn upside down and sometimes it can take years to heal, especially if the person died. While it is difficult to move on, society doesn’t let you forget. But what happens when the entire country is mourning.

September 21st 2013 will not be forgotten by many in Kenya and around the world, because Westgate Shopping Mall was not a commercial area but a symbol of eating, dating, hanging out. There has and will continue to be debate on whether the mall should have been reopened. Most people compared it to the Twin Towers, that despite everything the US never rebuilt them, so why should we? I am not privy to the details of why they did not but we all know they created a Ground Zero Memorial. What one country does they know what is best for them. Let’s discuss what Kenya is doing for us.

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero spearheaded the restoration of the Mall and on the opening day Saturday 18th July 2015 stood tall with the rest of the team and tenants showing off solidarity and moving on. Personally I have never been more proud to be a Kenyan, we stood strong, united and resilient. The lost lives will never be forgotten or dismissed but standing up to fear takes courage. Giving in to terrorism and living under threats has not done good for anybody in the world. Standing up to fight an eye for eye has also cost millions of Dollars and precious human lives. Making a memorial of the mall, would have shown that we are giving in to the poisonous attack made to our sovereignty. However some may argue that it would reflect respect to the innocent lives. The fact that there was a huge turn out at the opening and people continue to trickle in, I would consider as respect to the fonder memories of those who lost their lives. They used to come to enjoy, entertainment, meet, greet and shop. To stop all that would mean being harsh with their memories. If you had an incident at home you are most likely to vacate and live in a new area, especially if there was a gruesome robbery and killing. You have the economic power to do that, but what about those who were dependent on the many jobs the Mall had created? They stood in the line of fire and helped save many lives, shouldn’t we stand by them as they move on?

It is the job of the Government and their relevant forces to protect us. Whether they could have done better etc we will forever argue. But think about this, if every one of us was always checking our shoulder to watch who’s coming after us then how would we remain productive? What is the attackers agenda, we will never know 100% and it may take years, decades, a miracle, another war or who knows what to make them stop. We can’t control them, but we can control our reaction, our choices, so let’s do the best for us.

Are we greedy commercial diggers? No, “the show must go on”. Grief counsellors and trauma specialists will tell you that you can’t dismiss what happened but you can move on with a new partner, new house, new look.

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