Look Deep Inside Yourself are You a Man or Woman? Point Blank with Asian Weekly 19th June 2015

18 Jun

Look Deep Inside Yourself are You a Man or Woman?

Bruce Jenner now Caitlyn Jenner

Bruce Jenner now Caitlyn Jenner

There was mega buzz on the Internet, foreign gossip media, beauty stations and absolutely everywhere you look Bruce Jenner’s new avatar Caitylin Jenner is in your face. Even Snoop Dogg said that he couldn’t believe a “science project” like Jenner caught more traction or publicity than his friend Akon’s work on giving electricity to Africa.

Let’s start from the beginning, who is Bruce Jenner? If any of you watched the show “The Kardashians” then you would know that he is the father of the famous Kim Kardashian and her sisters and husband to Kris Kardashian. He had his own children with Kris, who is Kendall and Kylie. Bruce is also an American Olympic Champion (this situation will have its own agenda with his new transformation).

But what has Bruce done and why did he become Caitlyn? After watching the TV Series Transparent you get the picture that there are so many frustrated American males or possibly others around the world that have been secretly living like women behind the curtain and are now coming out and want to die and be remembered as their female persona.

Bruce suffered from gender dysphoria where you are completely not happy with your birth gender. A cocktail of genes, hormones and brain activity causes it. The next step is to do hormonal replacement treatment. Is this easy? You are faced with various changes from increased breasts, redistribution of fat and change in skin color. The only thing that doesn’t change in this process is the “voice” and if that breakthrough occurs then we are going to witness an increased number of Caitlyns’.

Many argue that you are not born like this; you are not born gay or a lesbian, but just a boy or girl. Whereas that might be true physically, there is a huge psychological component that plays the biggest part. If the boy or girl feels different, you should listen to him or her, don’t shun them. Most feel this is against nature, God’s creation or religion. And society will never support you. Personally I believe it comes down to the parents and how they impart their love, understanding and support. After all their consummation created the child, they owe it to be fully supportive just like if their child was born retarded or with any other disorder or disease. Is this a disease or evil? No never call it that, because you are denying the mystery of nature. Even Charles Darwin never solved all the problems of evolution or creation. We have been told to understand it from God who created Adam and Eve but what about the third?

In some urban situations, there are men who are gay and are living or married to women and they have an understanding. So far I haven’t heard of a situation the other way round. What Bruce Jenner did is like any other Transgender but his media personality is so big that he had to be written about. This is where the difference is; the fame and fortune resulted in talk and gossip. Here I agree with Snoop Dogg that it is amazing how one story can be publicized so much and good work like Akon’s is dismissed. Media is selective and wants their end results of profits, readers, likes and mass following. Unfortunately he had to call it a “science project” to get the attention.

Being a man or woman and liking, loving or having a sexual relationship with whomever you want is your personal choice. It is nobody’s business and there shouldn’t be unfair judgments, it is difficult for a family to accept that their father or mother or child is not who they have been all this time or who want to be who they have been all this time. Just be yourself.

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