Inspired by a Policeman- 16th June, 2015

16 Jun

Many Kenyans spent minimum 2 hours stuck in traffic today for various reasons. We lost productive minutes and billions of shillings, but more than that we lost the will to believe that things are going to get better.

I lost my cool and told the Traffic Police off that only until someone dies will Kenya realize sitting in traffic is just not on. I am ashamed of being rude and disrespectful. He came over to me and gave me the most inspiring lecture of my life.

Every Policeman and Policewoman stands on the roads sometimes overnight to make us get through the sticky traffic. They are inhaling fumes and pollution, but guess what, this all supersedes the hurling abuses and insults we give them, we blame them for creating traffic jams, we don’t care, we drive big cars and just insult them, bribe them or misbehave. We still get to go home, and then take it out on family, shed off our dignity and think it is ok. But where will they go? What will help them? Their mandate is to make sure the citizens follow the traffic rules and obey the law. They are not road construction contractors, or make metros, run the public transport service. They show us the right way, so why are we obstructing? Why are we misbehaving?

Please give them more, they deserve it, they stand by the country no matter what.

To the Kenyan drivers: You the driver, are also at fault. You overlap, you don’t behave, you break the traffic laws, you drive on pavements, you cut corners, you block intersections, you the driver make things worse. I don’t do this so I will tell you – the driver.

This Policeman told me one thing very important if we want to change we have to change each other.. We have to be their for each other, we have to be the change. We have to make the noise for better roads, better infrastructure to get us through this. Mr President H.E. Hon Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta you have the entire Cabinet, the entire country, we are there for you to solve these problems, we are with you, let’s move forward, make the change before we loose faith, we hurt each other and make a mess.

My pledge is to be a better driver, give more respect to the Kenya Police and participate as a citizen to make this country better, because it is.

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