A Billion People Can’t Save the Planet but A Billion Trees Can- Point Blank with Asian Weekly 12th June 2015

16 Jun

A Billion People Can’t Save the Planet but A Billion Trees Can

Courtesy UNEP

Courtesy UNEP

Remember when we were kids and we watched Fred Flinstone jump into his car, use his feet as paddles and life was about BamBam and bowling? We certainly can’t go to the stone age and live with the dinosaurs but there are many small changes we can make to save our Mother Earth.

The United Nations Environment Programme’s theme for 2015’s World Environment Day was “Seven Billion Dreams, One Planet, Consume with Care.” A typical day in anybody’s live revolves around an alarm on the smartphone, music on the radio, electric shower, toaster, kettle, petrol car and computers. Whichever way you see you are plugging into lots of electrical energy. So is converting energy the key to saving the planet? Let’s explore.

Out of the top 10 gadgets that are environmentally friendly, majority are reliant on solar, for example the lantern, keyboards, biodegradeable laptops, and now a few newer ones on water, like the water alarm clock. Personally I don’t have a problem on using the sun for its billion energy but water there is a problem.

If the sea water will be converted to drinking water through desalination, what will happen to our aqua life? The beautiful fish, sharks, coral reefs, is man so greedy we want to wipe them out too? Imagine no sandy beaches, sunsets, bikinis, surfing but a huge factory by the beach? What will happen to holidays under the sun?

It takes a tree almost 30 years to reach its full size, that is the average age of most of our readers. Here’s an idea, when your child is born and you plant a tree to their name, when they turn 30 they can show off the tall trunk and be part of a greener planet. If a Billion people planted a tree each, that’s 1 Billion trees in 30 years. If we are going to live in the future close to what Hollywood shows us in films like Divergent, Elysium, and more then a few things are for certain. Planet Earth has been wiped out and we are living space floating metal houses.

You make the choice, it would be great to move and live on Mars, but aren’t we told to do the best we have with what we have? Don’t suck up the oceans, go ahead and plant as many trees as possible, don’t be lazy and use plastic bags for shopping, buy the electric car but don’t forget to do smaller things.

Yes switching off the light bulb does make a big difference, buy products that don’t harm the environment, become more conscious and resilient. Factories in China won’t shut down or people won’t loose jobs but the owners will be pushed to become creative. We don’t need only one Elon Musk to give us energy efficient and greener cars, we need many more Musks. Be one of them, make that difference.

Everyday is an environment day. Whether you spit on a wall, throw rubbish on the road, you can’t wipe out or clean up just on one day. It has to be a habit, become a role model and save the Billions from a dark, dead future.

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