Kenya’s Untapped Future- Point Blank with Asian Weekly, 29th May 2015

29 May

Madaraka Day – Kenya’s Untapped Future

Kenya- Courtesy Soft Kenya

Kenya- Courtesy Soft Kenya

About a few weeks ago I was at a dinner party and there was talk about the ‘colonial days’ and how things were organized and more or less ‘prim and proper’. Well the British left us in 1963 and we are now over 50 years old but do we still have their discipline or are still finding our way. The English gentleman can be spotted miles away, with his crisp suit, nose in the air and maybe a moustache and a walking stick. So how are we behaving, well the suits are now Kikoy, the nose is a little balanced and mostly no moustache and the stick has definitely disappeared.

We must appreciate our father, our Nation, nobody achieves this much in a lifetime. You might argue and say but so much has been stolen, unaccounted for and almost nothing will ever change. Remember one thing, when you point a finger, the rest four are being pointed back at you. Historians will tell you the British tactic for colonialism was divide and rule and that’s how they managed over millions of people in India, while Kenya was just a little Goa for them. China for example has been one of the hardest working countries for decades and it was not until their Beijing Olympics in 2008 that the world looked at them from a different eye, that of a creative, admirer, investor, buyer and more. Maybe we may need something like that to change the minds of the world. But most importantly what about us, Kenyans?

There is so much wrong, for example bad roads, or maybe not enough, bad drainage, no underground railway system, maybe never will come on time, not enough tourists, corruption at most unwanted areas, cost of living soaring, wages not going up, not enough jobs and the list just goes on. But isn’t this the case in most countries anyway? And don’t we need to put our foot forward, take responsibility? For example stop bribing the City Council in Industrial Area to keep the parking in front of the factories free. Come on, own up, be creative, be out there and work on bigger, long lasting solutions, remember your pocket will run out one day if not today.

There is so much right, for example the change of attitude in people towards corruption, in the recent Graft Shame List some of those adults are facing depressed sons and daughters who don’t want to know their parents shame. Bribing a Policeman is certainly not cool, but rather you obey the traffic rules, be on the right side as much as possible. People are taking their neighbourhood and communities programmes more seriously and the best example so far is the Kilimani area and their many projects. Mpesa has not only revolutionized money transfer but created jobs for millions and continues to do so. Our Internet connectivity is breaking barriers and we are soon going to have our own Silicon Valley- Konza City. Rome was never built in a day, so be patient, but don’t sit back, participate even when you vote you have the right to ask the questions otherwise don’t bother.

We have a voice now, when MPs misbehave we protest, when women are disturbed for their dressing, we march in solidarity, when Elephants are killed, we tell the whole world and keep the fight on. We are proud as Kenyans on many levels and most do their best to keep up with the positive side of this Green Nation, but when a few bad apples steal the limelight or poison the basket then the recovery unfortunately is slow. When the Garissa attack happened recently we could have easily got into the xenophobic mode, but we didn’t, we were together with love. We are peaceful, united and looking forward to the Untapped Kenya.

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