Point Blank with Asian Weekly 13th February, 2015

16 Feb

Valentine’s Day

Someone Somewhere courtesy Funny Pictures

Someone Somewhere courtesy Funny Pictures

The first time I came across “someone somewhere is made for you” was in the Yash Chopra film Dil Toh Pagal Hai. I was young and didn’t know much about love, but the statement made an impression and I have noticed since that some have stuck on to it very seriously. There is pressure for women in their 20s and men in their 30s to tie the knot but our generation wants love, romance and an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. So what’s wrong with that? It is not real, that’s what is wrong. You become choosy, picky and timid to take the plunge, fall in love, get rejected, have your heartbreak a million times and start all over again.

Who says you have to fall in love with that perfect person only and wait forever? You can fall in love over and over again, the more you give the more you get.

Look at our parents, they didn’t even see each other before their wedding day and they went on to fall in love and live sort of happily ever after. They have been through the reality of life, love, break ups and make-ups.

Being single has become fashionable. You think you have become independent and that nothing will hurt you, you have the job, the car, the family, the life, but where is the love? You are waiting for that someone somewhere and holding your life back. How do you know he or she who is your best friend isn’t the one? But wait, we are afraid to break our hearts, to be made fun off, to be left behind? So what’s safer- not to fall in love? Just keep waiting or give up.

To give up on love is the saddest thing you can do for you not anybody but you. Yes it hurts to be rejected to be defeated or not accepted, but what when you say no to someone, imagine what they go through?

Being lonely is desperate. That’s what society thinks, that’s what your friends will say, but it isn’t. If you are lonely it just means you are a romantic, just don’t wait for someone somewhere. Be gentle to your heart, be a friend, try to fall in love, it might come back to you. When I watched Love Aaj Kal, the break up party idea was appalling and for a second it looked cool, but guess what nobody ever feels happy from a break up. These are just fancy ways of dealing with denial, feelings, and responsibilities. Unfortunately men are more cowards, women somehow have become more calculative and conniving. The purity of love is lost. Yash Chopra’s intention was to show the concept of soul mates. That’s where those waiting for someone somewhere are stuck. You meet your soul mate and they don’t feel the same or vice versa. Then you just not ever fall in love again.

Who is loosing? Well, frankly nobody wins or looses it is up to you, what do you want? Who do you want and why? Will that someone somewhere with dashing looks, top degree, great job be the one, or will that caring, not so good-looking be loyal and wonderful? Unfortunately the image conscious world we are living takes over our judgment, fairer skin is lovelier, heavier pockets are attractive and vanity is precious. Love is in the small stuff; ask your mum and dad or your uncle and aunty that you maybe close to. They will tell you, they are soul mates, and in a way their story is the reality of someone somewhere. Somehow they were paired and it all worked out. This is not a lecture to support arranged marriages but a second look at love the overrated perfect person that we want is not there. How perfect are you? What do you bring to the relationship? Oops, nowadays there are shorter relationships, one-night stands and less tolerance for love, so being single is easy, no strings attached and no need to be a Devdas. Again I will quote another film’s example, in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Katrina’s character says “don’t call diving Nasha, that is a dirty word, call it meditation,” just like that, don’t dirty this thing we call love by giving it an excuse of someone somewhere. Be real, be honest, be pure, love, fall in love, fall out of love, let go of love, but let love be love.



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