Point Blank with Asian Weekly 6th February, 2015

09 Feb
Point Blank with Asian Weekly 6th February, 2015

Social Media and Photos

Remember the last time you were having or were at a Birthday party and taking photos with a Kodak camera? Well Kodak missed the opportunity in digital photography but the millions of people haven’t. Then came along Facebook which made everything from publishing, audience, showing off, sending messages to ex-boyfriends, or girlfriends, relatives, enemies, the list goes on, very easy.

But wait, with all this ease of taking digital photography, came the evil called “Photoshop”. Let’s deal with this step by step. Honestly way back then, we all looked nerdy and were wearing baggy clothes, but hello 21st century and Facebook and we are wannabe models. From digital cameras came the smart phone and the best thing ever, “selfie” and huge fan following of admirers, jealous fans or opportunists via Facebook.

Social media in Kenya took off unfortunately at the risk of the post elections violence of 2007-2008. It wasn’t until later on that it became cool to be on it and link up with old friends. But wait, we forgot we have stalkers and haters. They followed every post, move and yes the photo! Immediately less camera shy people put up their photos and didn’t mind doing a pose or two, but now even that is old school. The most irritating part is taking photos of your baby, niece, nephew, whatever without permission or for the sake of empathy, popularity, sympathy, attraction etc. At least babies look cute no matter what and you don’t have to photo shop or use special filters to make them look sweeter.

Ok, you can argue you that the smart phones and Instagram have interesting tools to make your photos look epic and once in a while there is no harm. But when you look completely not who you are or in some cases, there is a blank on your photo (people still do that with their LinkedIn profiles, I mean what have you got to hide, are you not doing legitimate business that your photo is blank).

The funny ones are passport styles; luckily they are on the downhill. I often think if you are a single person and you put your photo looking fabulous, could it be your are propositioning? Is that why some people are just terribly shy at joining Facebook or secretly look at others and claim, “You know I just hate Facebook and all those photos, oh my God, don’t people have other things to do?”

Here’s where filters or photo shop is absolutely necessary on social media. For your business, the staff and products. You must present a professional image and please if you are not in the fashion industry, don’t over do it or be fake. Just be real but good looking. After all your business reputation is on the line.

When it comes to the personal side of things. Yes, whether you like it or not there should be some decorum unless you are a fake person or don’t care attitude.

Don’t every look drunk; sleepy or angry, it doesn’t go down well at all. When you were those minis or tops, make sure the necessities are not on the outside but well covered. To the aspiring photographers, yes sure use the tools to make your photos look better; you never know your photo could be the next wow! Rarely it’s the men that get busted with made up photos, men are lazy and don’t have that much time to glam up. But the women can be unreal in some cases. Here’s a tip, be yourself, everybody knows wedding or party time is dress up time, but when people meet you then you shouldn’t be looking like someone else.

Don’t be shy about being on social media. Always remember you are in control, you can set up the settings to filter people watching you. Be responsible in how you are seen, that’s it. Respect the request from parents, relatives or newly wed couples if they don’t want their photos splashed all over unless they take themselves.


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