The Last Word, 30th November- Dress, Sense, Strip

30 Nov

The last two weeks or perhaps even for centuries women have been criticised for their dress sense. In most extreme cases the woman is ostracized or like here in Kenya she was stripped naked in public.

There are several layers to a lady’s dress. It begins with the dress environment at home, her mother’s outfits, her father’s critique, school’s rules, office regulations and society’s image. Because women have a larger variety of outfits to wear from a child, teenager to a lady there are challenges.

Dress- your outfit for the day or night to wear at home, school, office or public place. Today a dress comes in all shapes, sizes, fabrics and colors. Fashion is a dominant factor in the image world and if you are not well dressed, you are well dismissed.

Sense- Yes there should be limits, for example a mini-skirt at a disco works but not in school, or a cocktail dress for an office function works but not at a family party. Your dress enhances your body language, most cases unconsciously you realize what is happening, for example a lady suffering from low self-esteem may cover herself up more and walk slowly, but a lady with higher self-esteem will wear fitting clothes and walk confidently. The list of may or may nots is long, yet what crosses the line?

Strip- to tear off a woman’s or anybody’s for that matter off in private or public for any reason is unacceptable. Talking to the individual and warning them about their faux pas on their outfit can take them a long way. For example, a woman wearing a mini skirt buying vegetables in a market, bending down and creating a strip show unknowingly is having problems. She may have grown up unaware of her dress sense, she may be trying to give a signal unknowingly, she may be confused or low on self-esteem or she has an attitude problem of arrogance and ignorance.

The thing about women saying, let us wear what we want, is destructive, because whether we like it or not, we are surrounded by people. You can’t expect to walk into a coffee shop wearing a tube top, boobs hanging out, tight jeans and be taken seriously for being a businesswoman, teacher, doctor or a mother. Or let’s go to a serious boardroom scenario, the shorter the skirt, the stronger your signals, yes you may have a great figure, not look vulgar, but a short skirt is a short skirt.

It is a woman’s choice what to wear, but she needs guidance or sometimes reassurance that she looks appropriate, fine, stunning, amazing and beautiful.

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One response to “The Last Word, 30th November- Dress, Sense, Strip

  1. Francis Itemo

    November 30, 2014 at 18:51

    Well phrased & well put across


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