London- Cold, Crazy, Can’t

06 Jul

I came to London nearly ten years ago and had an unusual experience. Perhaps that is the beauty of London, it is never the same. Last time I had come to work and was immature in many ways, age makes a difference. This time London was new, grown up and even my views in life, cities and people have changed.

So what was London like?

Despite the summer start, there was cold weather and the cold people. London has drawn up faces and the people are struggling to get by. You can tell the tension when you walk into a shopping area, restaurant or neighbourhood. The traffic is aggressive and the mood is heavy. Central London is cleverly designed to entice the tourist and fool you that all is well. There were plenty of holidaymakers and happy souls moving from the London Eye to Trafalgar Square. London City can be full of life, I guess it depends on the attitude of the individual. When you have benefits pouring in, maybe you are reluctant to really go for things and the favourite word starts to pop up “can’t”. With a sophisticated transport network I never understood why people “can’t” come from one side to another?

The recession has massively caused fear of losing the job, you miss a day and you know you’ve lost your job. That’s an utterly depressing state to live in, come home and sit on the couch and work like a robot, is that productive life? Fear is seeping in the corners of the houses, pops up in streets and bags under the eyes.

Then there is the other side of London. Well established houses, manicured gardens, blue sky, green trees and a land of opportunities. It depends which side you are on. Things can happen, if you make them, it is no wonder it is considered a super power of the world and that conquered nearly half the globe once upon a time. There is literature, history, culture and life if you open up. That is where London is crazy.

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