Asian Scene- SGSS Centennial Celebrations Kisumu, 11th March The Star

11 Mar
Asian Scene- SGSS Centennial Celebrations Kisumu, 11th March The Star

The Siri Gurudwara Singh Sabha held momentous Centennial Celebrations for their Gurudwara with a nearly two weeks programme which concluded on Sunday 9th March. Various Religious Leaders, including Bhai Sahib Mohinder Singh Ji of Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha was there to bless the occasion. Residents from Kisumu have been participating in preparing Langar, film shows and questions and answers session on different topics about Sikhism and the history of the Gurudwara.

Sikhs have been a part of Kenyan history since the building of the railway and many generations since they have participated in the community service and mostly economic contribution of Kenya. Making comments at this great celebration was the first Asian MP, Hon. Sunjeev Kaur Birdi who said “I mentioned that in life, there are two types of services. Community service and country service. (Samaj sewa and desh sewa). After years of samaj sewa, I welcome the chance of desh sewa. It takes divine intervention for something to happen and I am extremely honored and blessed to receive the nomination in the current 11th parliament.”

Also a part of this event was Bhai Chamanjeet Singh Jee (Chaman Lal) of India and his shabad kirtan had everyone mesmerized. The entire team of SGSS has worked tirelessly to make it a success and that it was, congratulations.

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