“In the Line of Duty” Dedicated to the Westgate Workers

24 Sep

Good Morning Madam, welcome to our Caffe, where would you like to sit?

We have something new, I know you might like it, would you like to try our delicious chocolate chip muffin?

Madam, there’s Wi-Fi and a Powerpoint closer there, would you like to move there?

Jambo, sure the aisle for the washing powder is there after the cooking oils, shall I take you there?

What’s your size, perhaps I can get you one of these blouses to try, you’re going to love our sale?

Which color in particular are you looking for, because these dishes are only white in color?

We have the second book by George R R Martin, may I take your number and let you know when we get the first one in stock?

I am sorry our systems are down, do you mind waiting a few minutes and then we can do your banking transactions?

The kids love the strawberry flavor yoghurt, its finished today, perhaps you would like to try the peach flavor?

You’re on time, it’s a great movie, which seat would like?

Here’s your change Madam, thank you for coming to Westgate, have a nice day.


Personal Note: The Westgate Shopping Mall was a personal favorite, as you can read from above, much used to get done, I also got to know many who worked there for months and I become a regular customer. In the attack of Saturday 21st September, I was on my way to cover the event for the Star Newspaper’s Asian Scene, this was the East FM Junior Chef Cooking Competition. Fortunately or unfortunately my car broke down and I got late and heard of the incident sitting on the Uhuru Highway. Fortunately yes I am alive and unfortunately maybe I could have saved the lives of any of the above, or anybody else for the sake of humanity. In the Line of Duty I was going for my work there, and so were many others, as participants, spectators, shoppers, the list is endless. They have gone, we have to accept, stay in love and be positive to spread nothing more than forgiveness, so you can move on. It will not be easy to forget or erase and life for many may never be normal again or you may not walk into a mall freely, take one step at a time, keep love on your side.


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4 responses to ““In the Line of Duty” Dedicated to the Westgate Workers

  1. Arti Shah Kanani

    September 24, 2013 at 06:41

    I am so sad, I pray that I will get over it. I used to work at the Westgate and it was one of my fave places, what I experienced that day will always leave a scar in my heart, but nevertheless I am damn grateful to be alive. Just a small dedication for the victims, those who passed on, those who are still hurting, and the brave soldiers, and volunteers this is something someone very close to me – not here in person but she cried tears of blood for the country that is also her HOME:

    Dear Terrorists,

    Despite the terror, chaos and disgust yu have created in our nation.. THANK YU!!!

    THANK YU for bringing all the shades of white, brown and black together like never before,

    THANK YU for letting us show the world our compassion, strength and oneness as a nation,

    THANK YU, because now the blood of a Hindu runs inside a Muslim and the blood of an African runs inside an Asian and the blood of a poor person runs inside a rich man.

    THANK YU for binding us by Blood, Love and Unity.

    -With ALL the hate a heart can possibly feel,

  2. i

    September 25, 2013 at 21:02



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