iSikh Farewell for Davinder Gharial, Asian Scene 25th June- The Star

25 Jun

A new country, a new home and a new education await the family of the Patron of iSikh, Davinder Singh Gharial. On Sunday 23rd June at the Gurudwara Nanaksar, Brookside Drive Nairobi the team of iSikh gave a heartwarming farewell to their beloved member and role model. Davinder is settling in the United Kingdom primarily to give his son who is autistic a better chance at education, which unfortunately Kenya lacks severely and it will become too late if he waits for anything to happen.




















As a Sikh student of life, Davinder owes it to his mother to teach him how to read, write and do the Sikh prayers. As the Patron of iSikh, his message is “many feel that Sikhism is a fundamentalist religion, on the contrary it is the most accepting and open that everyone is equal, and to the youth I would say forget how you look, or what is your background, don’t get down with peer pressure, stand up, be a good person, and have good values and you will succeed in life.” His fondest memory was the recently held iSikh camp in Lukenya in August 2012 where they were amidst the beautiful wildlife of Kenya and the forthcoming camp in Makindu from 5th to 9th August would have its own spiritual and learning adventure.

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