Twilight Vs Fifty Shades- A Valentine’s Day Special

14 Feb

Fifty Shades

On this Valentine’s Day, I thought it was a perfect subject to discuss the obsessive no sex love in Twilight versus over obsessive and possessive sex of Fifty Shades.

First let me clear that I ended up watching Twilight’s first film by chance, the DVD was lying at home and it was a typical Saturday afternoon with nothing much to do and so the journey started.

The narrative by the character Bella and the Cullens in town got the curiosity stirred enough to watch all 3 editions and pick up the books written by Stephenie Meyer. Reading through the books there was not much difference from the films and provided a little more background into the characters. Breaking Dawn Part 2 came in last year and it was the end of the Twilight Saga and soon a new sensation was buzzing around, Fifty Shades by E.L. James.

At first I really didn’t want to read it and the girls around me were going gaga, so I read a page randomly and thought what porn crap is this! How can somebody get away with this?

Again it was by chance that I picked up the first book Fifty Shades of Grey, it was a Sunday morning and all the books in my library were about politics or war and I had just finished the great “Dinner with Mugabe” by Heidi Holland, thought I would try something different. There it was, sitting on the dressing table by chance and I said what the heck lets find out who is this Grey?

As I go through the book, I start to realize there are so many similarities or differences between Twilight and Fifty Shades, a part of me felt that E.L. James must have sat down one day and thought, why don’t I try this formula and voila, we get a trilogy of what has become the best version of Mills & Boons in a long time.


Edward Cullen had sparkling eyes and Bella melted every time she looked up and when he never came to school for a long time, she missed them very much.

Christian Grey has sparkling grey eyes and Ana Steele searched them all the time as they saw through her to understand what this man wanted. There were several similar references from Edward and Bella in the Chemistry Lab to Christian and Ana in the office meeting.


Both girls are somewhat tomboyish and clumsy, Bella is always attracting danger, Ana is always attracting trouble or stalkers. Bella’s dad was the Sheriff and so the I-am-the-tough-dad image is there, while Ana’s Dad had done some time in the army and the same image applies. Bella’s Mum is remarried and settled elsewhere, Ana’s Mum is also remarried and moved on in life. Bella’ visits her Mum before really taking the plunge and deciding that she is going to give her all to Edward, Ana visits her Mum and she too realizes that Christian is the love of her life with some help of him gate crashing too. Edward’s Dad Carlisle was a doctor; Christian’s Mum was a doctor, thus similar parenting situations. Edward was rescued by Carlisle and Dr Grey rescued Christian.







While Edward’s love is old-fashioned and forever mine type, Christian is modern but maintains forever mine type too. They both love fast cars and while Edward races with a Volvo, with Christian it is an Audi. Edward has somewhat unruly hair and Christian too, made more irresistible after the dominant sex.

Both had garden weddings and while Edward and Bella’s honeymoon was off on a private island, Christian didn’t fall short of an extravagant one from a private jet to private yatch. Their past unravels in the books as we go on and as much as that is interesting it was predictable in Fifty Shades.

While there are no car chases in Twilight or stalkers, Fifty Shades has its exciting parts in that respect. Bella had an after graduation party and Ana a masked ball, both girls are the lucky ones to be in the shoes of undying love and flattery and basically the world at their feet.

Feel free to share what else you picked on that was similar or different and this comparison was interesting for me, I look forward to the next lady who makes a trilogy of spectacular love.





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