Bollywood Film Review- RACE 2, Kenya Buzz

13 Feb

Cast: Saif Ali Khan, John Abraham, Anil Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Jacqueline Fernandez, Ameesha Patel.

Director: Abbas-Mustan

Race 2 PhotoIt is a race to the finish! Director duo Abbas-Mustan is probably the only ones in Bollywood who team up to make films. When they made Race it was not expected to have a sequel however the slick and stylish action film caught the eye of many in the audience. He retains two main characters from Race that of Ranveer Singh played by Saif Ali Khan and Robert D’costa played by Anil Kapoor.

This has been clever script writing and the story develops very nicely as the plot thickens and the suspense grows on how the film will end.

The film starts with the blow up of a yellow Lamborghini and a well-crafted car chase on the streets of Cyprus. Ranveer Singh is out to find out who wanted to kill him. He does get a clue and we are treated to a casino takeover. The beauty is not knowing how that has a connection until later.

The prize of getting the casinos is a chance to meet the hot and sultry Alina played by Deepika Padukone. Her make up and dress team have gone all out to make her look like the ultimate Casanova mistress. When Alina and Ranveer meet, sparks fly and we are treated to a steamy scene at 1am in his room and launch into a romantic song by Sunidhi Chauhan and Atif Aslam. Here you are reminded of the Abbas-Mustan USP of making films, they pay close attention to the ear of the music of the film and no doubt most of the songs end up becoming chartbusters.

Ranveer needs an opponent in this game of Race and in comes Armaan Malik played by John Abraham and he is stepbrother to Alina. This brother-sister combination never tried before was a breath of fresh air with negative shades as Armaan is hungry for money and Alina for power. The two handle an empire and Ranveer ties them down to another heist with the help of his friend Robert D’costa.

Armaan has one weakness, his girlfriend Omisha played by Jacqueline Fernandez. Her look was inspired by Angelina Jolie’s in Tombraider and she still has long way to go as an actor especially with dialogue delivery. She looks smashing and has an upbeat song with Saif Ali Khan.

They want to steal the shroud of Turin from Italy and require a huge amount of money to pull it off. Here we go back into the past of Armaan Malik and how he becomes a tycoon mafia. With the help of Godfather Anza played superbly by Aditya Pancholi, his street boxing fights win him high stakes and he becomes a champion getting capital to start his business. Anza lends him money on one condition that he has to have one more fight and this is executed well showing off John’s abs and fighting skills.

Back on the robbery and how it goes, do they succeed, who really is involved and who will win finish off the climax and bring the film to an end, no doubt leaving room for Race 3.

The winner of Race 2’s performance is the tight script, clever dialogues and unbeatable rivalry between Ranveer and Armaan.




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