Will Kenyan Asians ever get involved in the Running of the Country?

28 Nov

This is not an article but a letter, an appeal and a question where were you on Thursday 22nd November evening?

She is one of our own and has the courage to dive into the hardest job in the world, Politics- Sonia Birdi is the Makadara aspirant and held a fund raiser on Thursday at the Simba Union, Nairobi. She is trying to be the change we keep talking about but isn’t the general principle in life “be the change” so where were you?

I will not take names of institutions or persons but I will say shame, shame, shame to the Asian Community and a big salute to those who did show up. Asians are one of the largest tax contributors to Kenya, have been actively participating in the economy since laying down the railways and now running some of the biggest companies but where is your support? Perhaps you are better off discussing politics behind closed doors and not willing to change your old bureaucratic ways for fear of being caught. When there is a religious, charity, dance, fashion or ego trip function then all come out in large numbers and drink and get merry but when it is down to serious business then they conveniently disappear. Generally it is rude to receive an invitation for anything and not send a representative or declare apologies, don’t you do that for you AGMS, Committee Meetings or even Weddings?

Makadara consists of a large population of Asian industrialists yet they don’t seem to realize what their support can do for Sonia. It is all about moral support because when she does get into Office and win, then I bet there will be a line outside her office for this or that contract.

Someone had the audacity to say it was maybe the wrong day or that there was no entertainment or alcohol! Is that what it takes to get your attention or you want continue hiding in your holes and complain, complain, complain? The Asians might start to say at this point don’t blame us start with the Sikhs because Sonia is one of them. For your information Mr Ravi Matharu who came and gave his support also got a chance to make his disgust be known about the non-presence of the Sikh members. Perhaps they assume what does a woman know about politics and especially a young one? She has made a choice and this was a chance to ask her that, enroll in a healthy debate about your political and economic views and see if she has what it takes. If she hasn’t reached out to you, have you reached out to her?

The insecurity in the country is on the rise but we are not alone, just imagine if we pulled in our resources and worked as one to curb crime, how much difference that would make? But maybe we are happy walking freely on the streets of London or Delhi but don’t want to step into the bureaucracy of doing the same here. Have you forgotten the times your parents and their parents walked in Riverroad, Moi Avenue and went about their daily work? Are we going to huddle up in posh areas and ignore the city as general?

2013 General Election will be a change for this country and set the tone for the next Generation of Leaders to come. Giving your vote to Sonia Birdi for Makadara is a start to moving in the direction of being a part of this modern nation, our ancestors did their part, now its our turn.


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2 responses to “Will Kenyan Asians ever get involved in the Running of the Country?

  1. mehul malde

    December 4, 2012 at 13:11

    What an eye opener- this article. I’m truly ashamed of not attending, and more so of not knowing!

    • harleenjabs

      February 20, 2013 at 07:48

      Dear Mehul,
      It is the stark reality, but we are working to make sure there will be more and more involvement.


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